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Aug 25, 2012 05:02 PM

New ' Food' Plaza on westside of Midland just north of Finch - Any eateries in there worth trying??!!

Ever since Fantasy Eatery went way down hill due to the departure of their head chef, I have stopped traveling to this part of town. However, during the past couple of months, I was in the area and happened to drive pass this new plaza a number of times. Each time, I noticed more and more new restaurants springing up inside. Now, the numbers must have reached double digits!

Question: Are there any of these new places worth trying? I noticed the type of regional Chinese cuisine offered is quite varied, some previously not available in the GTA?!

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    1. re: T Long

      Many Thanks T Long!! Guess I'll park my car next time and do some exploring on foot ( and mouth )!! Ha!

    2. La Mere:

      Shanxi Legend (mentioned in


      Konner Chinese Restaurant 玉楼东 does not get good reviews in Chinese community (lots of them are from Hunan province):

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      1. re: chutchut

        Are there any updated reviews for restaurants in the Finch/Midland plaza? I'll be working there a lot in the coming weeks, and I'm not sure where to start. I'm familiar with the Owl of Minerva chain, Korean Grill House holds zero appeal, and other reviews of Sika Deer suggest it's not worth it.

        Charles, did you do any further exploring in this mall?

        1. re: gimel

          Tons of spicy places! Nothing stands out!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Well, there are some that I like. They are pretty good.

            If they are not your 'things' and you can't appreciate, don't make comment that they're bad. It's unfair for them.

            1. re: durianlover

              Pardon me!! But where did you read in the above posting that commented 'they are bad'??!! 'Tons of spicy food' and 'Nothing stands out' does not equate to bad?! They reflect exactly my view point about that plaza. Lots of Chinese establishments serving hot, spicy food and they are all pretty similar in standard, nothing stands out!! What so 'unfair' about that?!
              There are also postings commented about the large quantities of bubble tea places inside of Pacific Mall. Well, IMO, no one store stands out. That does not mean they are bad?! And the bubbles ain't my 'thing' because I found them hard to digest. That does not mean I don't enjoy or appreciate the drink?!
              If there are places in the Midland/Finch plaza that you like, may be you should be specific and share them with us hounds rather than attacking other poster's view point! After all, as I eluded many a times, this is an open forum and people are free to express their views ( within reason ).

              1. re: Charles Yu

                This is a place to post opinions. If we moderate those, then what use is it??

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  The omnivorous Charles Yu, who I suspect never eats at home if there's an interesting resto within driving range, has posted what seems a perfectly reasonable opinion on the many Chinese joints around Midland and Finch: that there's nothing distinctive about any of them. Durianlover may have misread this as being totally damning of all of them. Not so, in my view. (After all, I think two-thirds of all restos in the GTA are neither here nor there, though acceptable enough.) But along with Charles, I'd be intrigued to learn from durianlover, who seems to know the area in question, which restos stand out for him/her. I drive out that way occasionally - when I can get through the many pylons and construction signs obstructing my way from York Mills - and am bewildered by the many choices on offer. I'd be grateful for any enlightenment from durianlover as to a joint that stands above the crowd.

                  1. re: juno

                    I found it pretty easy to look up durianlover's previous postings and his recommendations in that area....

                    1. re: T Long

                      I actually like Konner. Cheap and tasty lunch specials. just remember to ask for spicy mild. The spicy is verryy spicy.
                      The large one out front "Health Gourmet" which I think does not use MSG. We tried to set dinner for 10. Was ok but likely will not return.
                      The marinated duck "parts" takeout place does good business but not really our thing.
                      We heard from friends the new vietnamese place at the end is quite good.
                      When we are in the area - we typically make sure we go to Marathon in the next plaza for their milk tea.

                      1. re: caitlink

                        I made the same 'spicy' mistake at Konner as well!! Spicy indeed was very spicy!!
                        Those marinated duck parts were pretty spicy too! Very deceiving! Didn't look like it!

                        1. re: Charles Yu

                          Luckily, I like spicy fare a lot, so I'm looking forward to exploring here.

                          First report: Yang's BBQ. It was the busiest place in the late afternoon, around 4PM. Zero atmosphere or decor. Ordered just two dishes, a Xinjiang lamb stir fry out of curiosity, and ma po tofu for comfort. The latter was unremarkable, but the former was quite hot (about 20 dried red chiles) and jam-packed with cumin. The quality of the meat was nothing to write home about, with more gristly bits than I would have liked, but overall this unsubtle flavour bomb was quite satisfying. I could see through time. I'd like to go back and try a sampler of their bbq skewer items over a pitcher of beer.