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Aug 25, 2012 03:20 PM

Post-Architectural Boat Tour Dinner

Suggestions needed for dinner after doing the fabulous architectural boat tour. Anything but deep dish pizza (sorry, Chicagoians!).

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  1. How much you are looking to spend and other than no pizza anything you would be interested in?

    Shaw's is close by

    1. Purple Pig, A short stroll north on Michigan Ave. Try to go at off hours if you can, otherwise the wait is awful, but the food is certainly worth it. I have probably eaten about half of the items on the menu and would have eaten everything on the menu except that there are so many things I love that I simply *have* to order them again and again. For me the best time to go is late afternoon or very early evening. I love the way this place balances flavors and mixes textures and I am constantly stealing ideas from them for home cooking uses. I have never waited for dinner here though which could be a problem. I hate restaurants that won't take reservations so I was a bit late hitting this place but if you time it right it is just so good!