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Aug 25, 2012 02:56 PM

Short Trip to Maine

We'll be in Maine for three days in the middle of September. We live in VT, so we're looking for some great local seafood that's hard to come by in our neck of the mountains. Our general area will be from Kittery to Portland. While we love Annika Jans and Fore Street, we're more interested in lobster rolls, fried clams etc. this trip. Is Fisherman's Grill worth the hassle? What else is Chow Worthy?

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  1. Opinions differ, but on a beautiful day there's nothing like sitting right on the ocean at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth. Lobster roll, fried clams and the open ocean. Heaven.

    1. I don't really consider a trip to Fisherman's Grill a hassle. It is a bit off the beaten path but the fried clams can't be beat. Haven't had their lobster roll but it looks outstanding. I think the food wins over Two Lights hands down but Two Lights does have that ass kicking ocean which is impossible to reproduce elsewhere. Fisherman's Grill - zero ambiance. Just that wonderful exhaust smell as the cars drive by. But the clams...

      I'll be bringing two New Yorkers up next week. We'll head straight to the Bite Into Maine lobster truck at Fort Williams (Portland Head Light) for a non traditional curry roll and a 100 yard walk to as good a view as anywhere.

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        Perhaps by hassle the OP means the possible long wait? Or perhaps the cash-only policy? But there is a Bangor Savings Bank a few doors down with an ATM, which I what I used.

        Other than those two items (and the wait issue is certainly not unique to FG), I'd call FG a no-hassle place for great seafood.