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Aug 25, 2012 02:25 PM

Downtown St. Louis near the Hilton on a SUNDAY evening??

Hi all -- I've been reading all the STL posts and drooling, looking forward to our visit in mid-September, but I just noted what might be a fatal flaw in our plans. We're there on a Sunday night......A large group of us is staying at the Hilton Downtown (the one at 400 Olive) and it looks like some of the places we'd like to try are closed on Sundays.

It's a large group (about 50 of us), but we'll be on our own for dinner, and will have about a 2 hour window to find something decent before heading out to an evening event, so traveling out to some of the neighborhoods (where there look to be some amazing options!) isn't really a good option for this largely public transit phobic crowd -- I once tried to get them from Oakland to San Francisco on the BART and it took 40 minutes for them to successfully buy their tickets through the vending machines, so that gives you a sense of how challenging it can be to move them from Point A to Point B!!!!

So walking distance from the Hilton is a must, I'm afraid. It looks like Pi, Bailey's Range, Joe Buck's Tigin's Irish Pub and Caleco's are open on Sundays -- what else am I missing? We don't all need to go to the same place, and some will be fine with grabbing a sandwich or a slice of pizza, while others will want a sit down and a beer.

Thanks so much!

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  1. None are exciting; Caleco's is the last outpost of a '70's-era pizza place and doesn't get much local traffic except office lunchers. I'd be happy to eat at Pi, pretty happy @ Bailey's Range, Ditto Joe Buck's. I've heard mixed reviews on Tigin. Once upon a time, the restaurant in that Hilton was actually quite good, but I haven't heard much lately. Avoid at all costs the chili parlor in Citigarden. Others will have more and I'll keep thinking about other options.

    YOu're not far from the Four Seasons and Lumiere Place which are functionally in the same building. Cielo in 4S is quite good but very pricey. Folks may also consider the stuff in the casino (Lumiere) which is mostly just okay, but YMMV, esp w/ a group that large.

      1. Thanks! Sounds like the options, while not optimal, are not quite as dire as I previously thought.

        1. Also, Mosaic on Wash Ave
          The Schlafly Tap Room (will need a cab but not far) 21st and Locust

          Pi is a good choice

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            I thought of Mosaic, but it's not clear from their website whether or not they are open on any given Sunday. It says, "only open on select Saturday Lunch & Sundays - Please call prior to your visit".

            Do you know what the deal is with their Sunday hours?