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Aug 25, 2012 11:51 AM

Prime rib in Richmond: Carver's or Chop?

Hi all,

I need a quick recommendation on where to go for prime rib in Richmond. I'm not much of a meat-eater, but my spouse is craving prime rib, and wants to eat out. Any suggestions/places to avoid? Thanks - you guys are lifesavers.

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  1. we had the prime rib at the delta hotel - in the restaurant that is on piers over the arm of the river --- near the yvr --- this was in June 2012. It was fine. i found that the restaurant is quite "manly" in terms of there being many groups of golf-shirt clad men from all over heading up to the expensive fishing resorts, usually from the south terminal of YVR which is very nearby, hence their preference for the delta hotel. There is a dog named Cessna who works in the Hotel lobby as a meeter/greeter.

    lots of parking (for a fee) or shuttle from YVR.

    1. A quick review, for anyone who might be interested. We ended up going to Chop, as I wanted to enjoy a meal at a restaurant that didn't have chicken strips on the menu.

      We arrived at around 5:45 pm, and were offered immediate seating on the patio, which we accepted. Our server arrived within 30 seconds to offer us menus, and take our drink order. A basket of bread was on our table within 2 minutes, and our drinks were delivered in under 5 minutes. One odd thing there: My husband was given his bottle of Granville Island beer, but not a glass into which he could pour it. I noticed the same thing at another table, so perhaps I am out of touch with restaurant beer etiquette. Our server was ready to take our orders then, so we went ahead: My husband ordered the medium-sized prime rib, with French onion soup as his appetizer and veggies and Chop fries as his side dishes. I ordered the pancetta and goat cheese stuffed chicken breast, which was served with rice pilaf and mixed vegetables. Our food arrived at the table in around 20 minutes, which seemed appropriate.

      The food itself was fine. My husband said his French onion soup was a bit spicy, which seemed odd, but he still ate it. The prime rib was very good, and exactly what he had been craving. His order was missing the Chop fries, which the server quickly fixed when we brought it to her attention. My chicken dish was also good - not "tell all your friends about it" good, but perfectly fine. The rice pilaf was what you'd expect, and my veggies included carrots, zucchini, and pattipan squash (all in-season, and the carrots certainly tasted very fresh).

      The total bill (two mains + one beer + one sangria) was about $70, after tax but before tip. The service was prompt, probably because we went early in the evening, although the missing beer glass and missing fries were small missteps. We might try another place the next time someone's craving prime rib, just for comparison's sake, but we enjoyed our dinner at Chop.

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        Chop's PR is good, a tad inconsistent esp with the aging of the beef. It is more casual dining.
        Carver's is also inconsistent and iirc have a new Chef on board. Have not tried the PR here, but not a fan last I was there.

        In Richmond, my preference would have been American Grill. It's 90's finer dining. Good hotel cooks with better attention to ingredients and technique. No flair, but solid.

        1. re: betterthanbourdain

          I looked at American Grille, but they don't have prime rib listed on their (online) menu. Perhaps it is a special, offered only on certain days? I will call them to find out. Thanks for the suggestion.