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Aug 25, 2012 11:12 AM

Herbsaint, Cochon, Boucherie, Brigstens-one to drop

Thought we had four nights and got whittled back to three. Staying in Garden district and looking for places with easy streetcar access. Loved Boucherie last fall and really wanted a repeat there. Also, any info on dress codes appreciated. I realize how fed up NOLA hounds must get with "3 dinners" requests as I live in San Antonio and do try to field "best of the riverwalk" as well. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would choose Boucherie and Brigtsen's. Since you are staying in the GD I would go to Clancy's but you will need a cab. It's 12 blocks or so from St. Charles. I think it's better than any of the above.

    If you include one of Hersaint and Cochon I think I would go to Cochon. Stop by Lucy's Bar on Tchoupitoulas for drinks. Enjoy your visit. BTW dress slacks and a polo will be perfect. Dress casual but don't go in shorts and flip flops.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Disagree.Herbsaint beats out Cochon.

      1. re: sanglier

        I'm with Sanglier. We had 5 different dishes when we lunched at Cochon and nothing was better than just good. We have never returned or even mentioned the place again after that first visit.

        1. re: texasredtop

          Another vote against Cochon. We were really excited to go but found it way overhyped.

          1. re: kukubura

            Yes, we too, found Cochon "solidly adequate", which is our term for a place that is not bad, but not on the "return list". We found it not to meet the hype, as well. As kuk and trt mentioned, it did not have the wow factor for us, either. Certainly not on the level of other much more memorable places we've had the pleasure to dine in New Orleans. :(

            1. re: Christine

              Thanks for all the replies to my querry. Given the impact of hurricane Isaac, wondering whether to rearrange my visit. Was planning to arrive NOLA next Tuesday, may delay for a week or so if posible. Our best wishes with all the locals in this difficult time.

              1. re: Sam Spade

                As it turns out, we were unable to delay our trip and arrived shortly after Isaac went through. Brigtsens was closed, Boucherie on vacation-so our choices were simplified. Followed Littleman's suggestion (not for the first time!) and did Clancy's which was the star of our visit. Had dinner at Cochon Lafayette (I know their menu is different) so did Herbsaint and Lillette which were great as well. Had the charcuterie board at Root and their sweet corn caramel flan that was best single item on this trip. Sort of regret not going back for dinner there.

                1. re: Sam Spade

                  Glad you enjoyed Clancy''s a gem. Of course, now we'll get the flurry of folks that follows an encouraging review but that's good for Brad and his gang so who's complaining,especially if I already have a seat.

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    Do men need a jacket for dinner at Clancys????

                    1. re: ncara

                      No set requirement, I'd say half the men had jackets, a couple were in shorts as well so I figured my "business casual" hit the midpoint.