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Aug 25, 2012 10:51 AM

Festive Chinese Dinner for teens

Originally thought that Chinatown Brasserie would be the perfect place to hold a teen party. Now that they are closed, any ideas? Planning to invite 20 girls to celebrate my daughter's Sweet Sixteen. She loves chinese food and wants a pretty setting. I would prefer to keep it under $50 per person. Thanks in advance.

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    1. Red Egg. It's pretty attractive in there, and very affordable. I also like the look of Legend's lower floor, which can't seem to decide whether to be kitschy or not.

      1. Red Farm will accept parties of ten or more either for early dinner (5 pm) or late (9.30 onwards). It's small and decorated in an urbanite's idea of charming farmhouse. If your party comprises 20, I think you'll take up about half the restaurant. Google 'Red Farm New York' images for photos. The food is a modern take on classic Chinese-American fare with some Pan-Asian influences. You'll have to order a set menu for the entire party though.

        Teenage girls might appreciate the 'pacman ghost' soup dumplings.

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          Would teenage girls know what Pacman is? Those video games were huge in the early 80s, long before they were born.

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            Oh God, that's an excellent point! *Old*. I suppose it would have to be an angry bird these days....

        2. Dim sum lunch at Hassakan would work, I think.

          Here is a review of their dim sum:

          Here's their group dining menu for lunch:

          Signature Lunch Menu
          $39 per person

          Har gau

          Morel crystal dumpling v

          Char siu bun

          Pan-seared vegetable

          Shanghai dumpling v

          Roast duck pumpkin puff

          Jasmine tea smoked chicken

          Spicy prawn

          with lily bulb and almond

          Stir-fry lotus root and

          asparagus in black pepper v

          Spring onion and egg

          fried rice v


          Selection of macarons

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            What does "v" mean in that menu?