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Aug 25, 2012 10:40 AM

Which of these DC restaurants for a bridal shower brunch?

I'm putting together a bridal shower brunch for about 10 people on a Saturday. I have my choices narrowed down to Urbana, Vinoteca, Co Co Sala, and Firefly. Does anyone have experience with an event like this at one of these places or any advice that could help me decide? It will be a lively shower of just friends (no family), but I don't expect anyone to get super rowdy. We'll also likely just be splitting the check, and I don't expect anyone to be a pain about itemizing the bill for each person. But I guess you never know about that ...

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  1. If you are planning to have the restaurant itemize the bill per diner, I would call first to make sure they are willing to do this. Not all restaurants can during a busy brunch rush.

    Firefly has a side room that they open for brunch and might be nice for a larger crowd. I also love the brunch at Urbana (they have a fun mix your own mimosa bar).

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      I really enjoyed my friend's birthday party (food + atmosphere) at Urbana, and they had excellent customer service.