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Aug 25, 2012 10:09 AM

Lai Wah Heen

Have subscribed for the first time to the TSO and in return received a discount card to some restaurants downtown including Lai Wah Heen. I've never been to LWH, and currently get my dim sum fix from Dragon Dynasty. Recent threads on CH suggest that LWH has declined in quality although lately it may be improving.

Anyone been there recently for dim sum, and is it worth going given the high prices, even with a 15% discount? If so, what is not-to-be-missed on their dim sum menu?

Same questions for their dinner menu?

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  1. Yeah I saw the TSO discount and it was very tempting. I no longer go there for dim sum I guess my review will explain it why :) but the dinner last time hit it out of the park
    Oh Lai Wah Heen (LWH) we have had a sometime platonic and sometime affectionate relationship in my years up North. When I moved up at first you seduced me with your immaculate dim sum while cleaning up my wallet and I kept coming back like a masochist thinking I can live with something being wrong all my life!

    Then we broke up as I moved away and you found new paramours and our encounters became few and far between to an extent that I no longer come here or look the other way if I want dim sum.
    However you have rekindled our luv today as my fling for Peking Duck (Chung King Garden) disappointed quite a few times and my eyes started to wander so when an opportunity came up to come here for dinner I immediately seized it.

    Hmm Peking Duck for 3 people seems like a odd choice but this is the spot I wanted to try given our tumultuous history.
    The bird was brought table side and the aroma was intoxicating with beautiful golden hue on the skin. Then the duck was carved table side and neatly placed in the purpose made pancakes (here is to other spots tortillas are not meant for Peking Duck!) They even placed the hoisin sauce, Scallions and cucumber in for you already which is a bold move IMO as they are assuming the responsibility to get it right. Folks this is the way it is supposed to be just the ideal combo of crisp in the skin and succulent soft portion of meat to balance this delicacy. One is left with a clean finish and not the greasy feel one gets if this course is not done right.
    Next course is Crystal Fold - wok-fried minced duckling, assorted vegetables and fried noodles wrapped in crispy fresh lettuce leaves. The lettuce has the right amount of crunch so I am assuming they put it in ice water before serving. They also provided house made hot sauce which packs a punch if you prefer some heat. An excellent way to extend the duck

    We could have stopped here but one of the diner wanted to try the 3 cup chicken as he was craving this dish after seeing it on the menu. I haven't had this dish before and my exposure to Taiwanese style dishes has been limited so I didn't know what to expect. From what I was told the name denotes the equal ratio used for the three key ingredients i.e. sesame oil, Chinese rice wine, and soy sauce with a true version also including basil leaves.

    The presentation was interesting and the aroma was intoxicating. I tried the chicken without the rice first and didn't appreciate the nuanced taste. Things improved when I had it with rice as it balanced the lightly greasy chicken . Hmm I didn't enjoy this dish much as couldn't appreciate the combo of these flavors however my fellow diners commented it was pretty authentic (only flaw being a slightly sweeter finish than the one served in Taiwan).
    The service started out excellent and then slid a bit as the place got packed (I have a hunch regulars are given a preferential treatment reminiscent of my limited exposure to some of the spots in HK) however the meal more than made up for this shortfall.
    There you have it folks this is among the best fine dining spots for this cuisine and I think I am going to woo it again.

    To the people who say that only unfulfilled luv is romantic I say you are wrong rather its a river of fire and only way to get across is by drowning in it!