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Aug 25, 2012 09:47 AM

Juliet Bistrot -- Tijuana?


Looking for a new place to check out in TJ and heard lots of good things about Juliet Bistrot...anyone been here?...want to try something new besides the usual Caesar and Mision 19. Gracias.

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  1. I read something about Juliet Bistrot within the last 10 days, but don't remember what or where, but IIRC it was fairly positive.

    Have you tried La Querencia?

    I am inordinately fond of Erizo, which is a cevicheria. I have eaten there at least 5 ot 6 times since January of this year and have probably tried at least half if not two-thirds of their menu.
    I've only had one thing I really didn't care for too much. Casual. If I lived in TJ I'd probably be a regular.

    I have LOTS of friends that like the Los Arcos branch in Tijuana
    Also have friends that like Cheripan (Argentinian steakhouse), Los Remedios, Villa Saverios, Mosto

    If you cross at Otay you're closer to El Mazateño. Very casual but possibly the best shrimp tacos I've eaten...and their octopus taco is pretty darn good too.

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      I dine at the Los Arcos in Bonita once a week for lunch--great specials.

    2. Juliet BistroT by JC in Tijuana has a facebook page with address, phone number and map: