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Aug 25, 2012 09:05 AM

Who has the best seafood in corpus christi?

When I moved here 2 years ago I though there would be more seafood places, kind of like florida or north carolina. Like seafood shacks or ma pa places to get a real po boy or crabcake and gritsfor breakfast. Is there any place like that in the area?

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    1. The Crab'N about 30 minutes north of you outside Aransas Pass has been really good, but it's about five years since I've been there. There was a good review on Chowhound not too long ago. Here's a link to the website, but the menu is on Facebook, annoying.

      Off topic, but Panjo's Pizza has the best pizza I've had in Texas. They were in Houston, excellent, and I've been to the one in Rockport, just as good, but have not been to the Corpus Christi location. Order a max of one topping to keep from overwhelming the delicious thin crust.

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        Plus one on Snoopy's. Went to a couple places in Port A (Crazy cajun/Averys) two years ago that were good as well, but a bit more expensive even without factoring in the drive/time factor.

      2. I really wish I could help you but all the restaraunts in Port A and Corpus seem to suck. Every year we go down there and every year we have dissapointing meals. We actually did our annual trip 2 weekends ago and tried Snoopy's Pier for the first time.

        We were not impressed with Snoopy's. I had the combo - fried oysters, fried shrimp, fried fish and french fries. Only the fried oysters were any good. The shrimp had really strong, almost "off" taste and were a bit rubbery. The fried fish had too mushy a texture for my liking. The flavor was OK if not the best I've had. It goes without saying that if you're not into fried fish, you won't like Snoopy's. Fried fish is my favorite, though . .and I didn't like Snoopy's.

        I would have to agree that Snoopy's is a lot better than the other places we have tried but definitely not good, in my opinion. The place is cool, though.

        We actually decided this time that we are done eating out at the beach and from now on will bring food from home and cook. My buddy raves about this place in Port A called La Playa . .but I'm skeptical and you're looking for seafood, anyway. Seems like you should be able to find good seafood at the beach . .but the waters pretty polluted there so I guess they need to ship it in just like if they were landlocked.