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Aug 25, 2012 08:55 AM

Moozy's ice cream in Belmont

My brother visited yesterday, so we took the opportunity to walk over to Moozy's and try their ice cream. (We are big ice cream lovers in our family!).

The place is very nice, orange and green "family-friendly" decor and is staffed by a bunch of awkward high school kids. That said, the workers know their stuff. When I asked if they made their own ice cream, the worker told me no, that it's Bliss Dairy ice cream from Attleboro. He offered to let me try a couple of flavors and didn't seem annoyed that I was asking a bunch of questions. The ice cream is not amazing, but it's adequate. The prices are not cheap ($3.99 for a small, which is 2.5 scoops). However, the worker did tell me there was a 1-scoop kiddie available (not listed on the menu) for $2.49, I think.

I have to say that this is the kind of place I like mostly for its location (we can walk there) and because it's a nice place to sit (they have lots of outdoor seating, though admittedly the view of Trapelo Rd. is not that compelling).

We tried Celebrity ice cream a couple weeks back, and I was shocked at the prices ($8 and change for 2 small soft-serve cones)! I like hard ice cream better than soft serve, and the atmosphere is much better at Moozy's. Given that Moozy's is the same price or a little cheaper than Celebrity I imagine we'll be back on special occasions or when we have company.

I know, I know, I need to get to Rancatore's. But that's a long walk from where I live!

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  1. Been there a couple of times. The ice cream is decent, not great. They have a few flavors of tart froyo that I have yet to try. Stopped by at lunchtime for a sandwich, which was overpriced for its supermarket bread and cold cut construction. A raspberry lime rickey was ok, but much better can be had at Wild Willly's. On the whole, a good place to bring the kids, but the adults will go elsewhere.

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      Agree, we have tried six flavors and they were all okay. The fruit flavors seem better than the chocolate/vanilla-based flavors. I think it's overpriced. (The kiddie might be new? I don't recall that option, and I always ask.) I agree that Celebrity is also overpriced, and I think Moozy's ice cream is much better than Celebrity's, but I'm not impressed with either. I think the best ice cream option in the neighborhood is actually to go to the 7-11 and get an ice cream treat from the case. But there is one other option -- Chicken Express on Belmont Street (near School Street intersection) has vanilla and chocolate soft-serve.

      (And Rancatore's used to be only a few blocks away! Two years ago it moved to Belmont Center... about two weeks before we closed on our new house which is a 5-minute walk away from the old location. I'm still bitter.)

    2. I thought the place a major upgrade from the crappy Brigham's, the Maple Walnut is quite good.

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        True enough, I was more comparing it to Ranc's, which used to be right down the road and prevented me from ever setting foot in the Brigham's. The ice cream really is perfectly fine, just not exceptional.

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          Have been to Moozy's many times this summer with the family. Kids love it and its a big upgrade from Brigham's. I would not spend another dime @ Ranc's after they had the gall to raise cash thru their website to pay their state taxes(employee and sales)that were in arrears. I have better things to do with my $9 then to spend it on their over priced pints of ice cream.

          1. re: miketr

            Mike, that was Toscanini's that received the citizen bailout. Ranc's is ownred/run by the other Rancotore brother, and I don't think they have any business relationship.

        2. I went there for a grilled cheese sandwich. I ordered a sandwich with cheddar and bacon. I was told that it would be an extra dollar for the bacon, which was okay, and a dollar for the cheddar, which floored me. I asked what I was paying for with the posted price, bread? This puzzled the young server deeply and she went off to consult with a higher-up, who told me I could indeed get my cheddar included in the price of the sandwich. That said, the cheddar was plastic and the bread wasn't buttered. I wouldn't go back, tho I'm sure it can be fun for a family.

          1. We recently moved from the Trapelo Rd. area, and we miss Moozy's. It's a fun place to go, and really, it was our first choice for a dessert treat in the area. The ice cream and frozen yogurt are, I think, above-average. I'm not sure what other people prefer for FroYo in the area, but I recently tried the Froyo Truck downtown and think that Moozy's is much, much better.

            I've seen enough terrible reviews of the food to lead me to trust the fact that it's pretty bad, though. It's not the sort of place I'd want to get food from in the first place. Maybe that's partially the bad memories of Brigham's, which wasn't even the sort of place I wanted to walk past, much less eat in.