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Aug 25, 2012 08:40 AM

Looking for a high end restaurant to celebrate 40th birthday - 10-15 people including 3-4 young kids

Hoping for some advice. I want to book a restaurant to celebrate my husband's 40th. We have family coming in from out of town and was hoping for somewhere really good/trendy. Any ideas on places that are going to be able to accommodate 10-15 people (but 3-4 are young kids 6 and under). A private room of some sort would be ideal (it would be amazing if there was somewhere with a chef's table so we would have some entertainment/something to watch). Let me know if you have thoughts - looking for good quality and ambience. Budget can be 100+ per person.

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  1. It's not high end, but I was at a group lunch at the Summerhill Terroni on Yonge Street, and it was quite lovely. We had the entire top-floor room to ourselves, and we were about 12 people. It's a pretty simple room: white walls, exposed ductwork -- not a lot to look at, but you also don't have to worry about kids getting out of hand. If you're keen on entertainment, there is also a very modern, fully glassed in room on the second floor that looks kind of intriguing -- you can people watch, but people can also watch you!

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      Is this a Saturday or are your guests coming into town for a weeknight? Next week, or November? What part of the city? Does everyone eat everything? The amazing YANG'S up at Bayview and Major Mack will do a banquet that will knock your socks off, in a private room, with very fine ambience...the restrooms are INDIVIDUAL and nicer than most private homes....but you have to travel and you have to like CHinese cooking. And they won't mind about the kids and will expect you to stay at the table celebrating. They will not have booked the space for a second table after you. I can't say that about any of the "really good/trendy" places downtown.

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        it's saturday sept 22. Everyone eats everything. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately Bayview and Major Mack is too far.

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          Grano has a super private dining are just adjacent to its main dining room, they will serve a family style meal everyone will enjoy - lots of pasta, etc, for the kids. Not expensive at all. Good wines. Hospitable and caring. For higher end downtown, the Conclave Room at Tom Jones will be fine for the kids (they can make them burgers or pasta) while you enjoy great steaks, tableside Caesar and so forth.

    2. This was such a challenging topic! I'd love to know where you decided to go, and maybe a report afterwards on how it worked out.