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Aug 25, 2012 08:21 AM

Top Shelf Lunch Spot

First time MSP visitors. When traveling we like to go for an elite restaurant for lunch to save on the budget. Looking at some places like Manny's, Murray's and Alma.

We are staying at Hilton Garden inn downtown. We will not have a car.



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  1. Alma isn't open for lunch, alas. Neither is another of my top faves, Saffron. But third on my list of faves is Vincent, which IS open for lunch. Check out the menu and see if it meets your "top shelf" criteria. :-)

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      I'd like to second AnneInMpls's recommendation for Vincent; smart service, choices that would most likely meet your "elite" standards and a lovely patio (white tablecloth dining room with expansive windows looking out onto the bustle of Nicollet Ave. is beautiful too.)

      I had the steak tartare at lunch recently; it was perfect, very well seasoned, unctuous with a pert egg yolk served on top. A bit scandalously rich, but just what a fancy lunch dish should be. I requested mixed greens instead of frites as a side to somewhat redeem the beefy wantonness of the tartare.

      In any case, as Anne suggests, check out the menu to see if it suits you - would be a beautiful choice within easy walking distance (mere blocks) from your hotel.

    2. Take a cab to the Walker Art Center and have lunch at their restaurant Gather. Gorgeous surroundings, fabulous food. Take a walk through the sculpture garden before or after lunch. You'll be glad!