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Aug 25, 2012 08:17 AM

Date night out pacific beach/la jolla.

Hi hounders! Heading to San Diego tomorrow for five
Nights with my partner, six year old and the grandparents. Staying in a vrbo in
North pacific beach. Found good recs on the board for casual places in the area. Can't wait!
Also need a rec for an adult date dinner out as grandParents have offered to
Childsit. We love sushi, farm to table, fancy drinks and interesting grounded food.
We have a car but would like to spend more time celebrating and less time driving.

Also any farmers market recs? We love north park but won't necessarily
Be up that way this

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  1. The Fishery in PB might fit the bill. Not a romantic atmosphere but fresh, well prepared seafood.

    1. Terrace at A R Valentien. Easy drive, easy parking. Sit among torrey pines, sunset view. (La Jolla north) JRDN, dining on the terrace with boardwalk, beach, sunset view. (PB) JRDN has interesting drinks. ARV had noted CA-centric wine list. Virtually every place in SD touts itself as farm-to-table. I love The Fishery but it's so full of families that it never quite feels like a "date" place to me; their outdoor tables aren't pretty but they are quiet.
      JRDN =

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        I agree with you, picky, on the Fishery vibe. Love that place, but it's not romantic or quiet. Ever.

        JRDN is great for a date night any night of the week, but the weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) gets pretty clubby, touristy and I find the service suffers those nights too. JRDN is a must for most of my visitors (both new and returning). However, we normally hit up the patio during the start of happy hour on weekdays.

        My personal recommendation would be Nine-Ten, particularly if it's a nice night the patio has an atmosphere of being on a private vacation. It's a very nice easy 5-10 minute drive from North PB and you can take the slower scenic route snaking along the ocean if you have the time. The dining room can leave a little to be desired, atmosphere-wise.
        So, if it's not a nice evening, I'd recommend one of picky's faves, George's Bar.

      2. +1 for JRDN at Tower 23 Hotel.

        1. The current menu at Whisknladle is being executed extremely well- I've been enjoying that a lot lately.

          1. Date nights for my wife and I are usually spent at Toshi-San (Japanese/sushi) on Fay Avenue in La Jolla. Top-quality fish with lots of interesting appetizer options. If you want a "special" night out, Eddie V's (on Prospect in La Jolla) is getting great reviews. The Sunday farmer's market at La Jolla Elementary School (9am-1pm) has some interesting freshly cooked food offerings along with some great produce selections, though it's a bit of a mob scene. The Pacific Beach farmer's market (Tuesdays, 2-6:30pm on Bayard, between Garnet and Hornblend) is smaller than the La Jolla market, but quite good. Just got some organic heirloom tomatoes there this past Tuesday that were among the best I've ever had.