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Aug 25, 2012 05:54 AM

Italian creme birthday cake?

Hi all,
I'm throwing my husband a surprise birthday party and would like to order what he calls fondly an "Italian creme birthday cake." Now, I have no idea what that means or where to get it! He grew up outside of Philly and his parents - both Italians - would get him one of these in South Philly every year.
Any ideas? I'm in northern Jersey (Teaneck area) but willing to travel.

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  1. Does he mean cannoli cream filling?

    My first calls would be to Lyndhurst Bake Shop (Lyndhurst) and to Aromi di Napoli bakery in Nutley...

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      No - definitely no cannoli cream... Something with buttercream, for sure

    2. I'd recommend Calandra's is an absolutely fantastic old fashioned Italian bakery. I am pretty certain if you speak to them they will know what kind of cake it was that your hubby';s family was enjoying all those years. I believe their Fairfield location would be the closest to you. (it's on rte 46 eastbound, just west of the Willowbrook Mall. I have been ordering cakes from them for years and they have always been stellar....and they always do special requests with no issues. (we have a family member with food allergies) While you are there be sure to get some of their other products, you cannot go wrong with anything from there. The italian bread is always fresh and warm from the oven all day long too!

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          I did a quick google and also asked a older (italian) friend about the cake, she said this recipe sounded most like what she remembered as being called a creme cake from her childhood. Hope it helps.