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Aug 24, 2012 11:57 PM

Knife sharpening in Spokane?

Can anyone recommend a good knife sharpening service in Spokane? I have several Henckels and Wusthof chef's knives that are badly in need of sharpening. I would prefer someplace in town, rather than having to ship them somewhere.

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  1. Steve Schmauch, Sharp Stuff, is the only person I've ever used and I've always been absolutely satisfied. His phone number is (509) 220-4346 and his "studio" is on the South Hill. Williams Sonoma recommends him too.

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      mr99203 - can you just walk in and drop off knives at his studio, or do you need to make an appointment? I live on the North side, but I do get over to the South Hill for my treks to Trader Joe's.

      1. re: gmm

        I'd give him a call or email him (steve “at” just to be sure he'll be there first.

    2. Saw you recommending Santorini Grill in Kirkland on another thread, gmm. Right across the street from Santorini is Epicurean Edge. The guys in that small store are terrific.

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        @firecracker - I took my knives to Epicurean Edge when I lived in Bothell and you're right, they did a great job. Unfortunately, I'm on the east side of the state now.

      2. Have you tried Mac the Knife at the Spokane Public Market? I have Henckels and Wusthof and been very satisfied with his work. As far as Steve Schmauch, his service is spotty, not always there when he says he will be, hard to get a hold of. He does good work, but I got tired of chasing him down. Until Mac, he was the only game in town, which is why W-S mentioned him. Again, his work is good, but for reliability, Mac is there when the Market is open, does good work.

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          Thanks for the info katsea. I have found quite often when businesses are run out of a home, it's hard to rely on consistent hours and I definitely don't want to have to chase someone down to give them my business.