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Aug 24, 2012 09:54 PM

If not Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, where?

It seems that success has gone to the head of La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, and that it no longer lives up to the glowing reviews of just a few years ago. I am saddened, because the restaurant seemed so promising. But that now leaves a hole on my gastronomic schedule for September 14th. We will be at Trattoria Monti on the 13th and Roscioli on 15th, but I am hoping for someplace "Roman" on the 14th. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. If it doesn't have to be monti, than Flavio is a good choice. Other testaccio trattorie have their fans, too. If it has to be monti, then l'asino d'oro, but it isnot roman, more umbria.

    1. I ate there with my family in mid-July and it was fabulous. I recommend trying it. Make sure you make a reservation as we had to wait 2 days. I want to further add that we were in Italy for 3 weeks and got our best meal here.

      1. Thanks for the comments. It looks liked either L'Asino D'Oro or Da Danilo. I know that we are not quite comparing apples and oranges, but I would appreciate opinions and recommendations.
        'Thanks again.

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          here's a vote against Danilo, two if you count my husband. would be an ok trat at half the price, but it's too much for what it is.

        2. I live in the neighborhood and eat at Taverna regularly. It is as delicious and friendly as always. We brought visiting foodie friends there 2 weeks ago and they raved and raved it was the best meal they had had after 2 weeks in France and a week in Italy.

          I, like vinoroma, am also a big fan of L'Asino D'oro.

          1. Hi pec, i just spent the past 3 days in Rome. L'asino d'oro as i understand is not classic roman cooking but we had their set lunch there and it was absolutely wonderful (glass of decent white, bottle of water, fantastic potato soup, well-cooked cheese ravioli with some fish salsa sauce and a well grilled fillet of mackeral (i think) with fagioli. If yours is a slot for lunch then definitely here.

            If you want something very local for dinner - please try le mani in pasta (trastevere area). We went there twice for dinner out of our 3 nights in Rome - the 2nd timet was right after leaving halfway through a lousy dinner at Ristorante Eleonara. The atmosphere is great - small , elbows touching other tables , open kitchen with regulars going in to give their customary greeting to the chef (just remember to ask not to sit in the basement and have very low expectations of service - until the waiters warm up to you that is). All those aside, the food here is stellar - perfectly balanced sea bass carpaccio with black truffles, served with toast and butter, rigatoni amatriciana, whatever is on the blackboard for that day - we wanted to eat everything that was coming out from the kitchen.