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Aug 24, 2012 07:22 PM

Brunch cocktails beyond mimosas and bloody marys?

What are the best brunch spots with cocktail lists that go beyond the standard? Bellinis, Mimosas, and Bloody Marys are fine, but where can I find a Corpse Reviver? (Incredible brunch fare would be nice, too.)

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  1. Corpse Revivers are going to be difficult to find on a menu, but you can get interesting, lighter cocktails at a few places, such as:

    Locanda Verde

    Fatty Cue - brunch cocktails list is longer than what's online when I've gone, and the bartenders are fairly comfortable going off menu to make classics


    Saxon and Parole

    North End Grill - their brunch cocktails list isn't online, unfortunately, but from what I observed, they are aiming to do serious cocktails.

    I think what you really want, though, is Clover Club in Brooklyn.

    The Beagle is also reopening soon, not sure if they'll still be doing brunch, but their previous brunch cocktails menu is probably the most ambitious I've seen in Manhattan for the day time.

    1. My favorite brunch cocktail is the Spicy Passion Fruit Margarita at Five Points. I dream about it...