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Aug 24, 2012 06:48 PM

What's your favorite way to have cheese and crackers?

Hey ya'll, I'm new to posting here! I don't know if this has been asked before, but as I was preparing one of my favorite snacks, cheese and crackers, I got to thinking how we all might picture something different when we hear that phrase. For me, my favorite cheese and crackers "preparation" is slices of extra sharp cheddar on saltines with a dot of yellow mustard on top. To me that's standard, classic. I imagine there must be fancier and not-so-fancy takes on this favorite- do share! =)

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  1. I'm flexible about the cracker, but the cheese should be old cheddar and I love a generous dollop of my homemade cayenne pepper jelly on it. Yum!

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      Ahhh I need to get into the homemade condiment biz! Sounds good!

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        I'm too lazy to make condiments; I buy them. I enjoy a fig-orange jelly from Croatia with mild, ripened cheeses, on plain crispbread crackers, with a nice chardonnay.

    2. I am heavily programmed so that I cannot read or hear the phrase, "Cheese and crackers," without "Got all muddy," popping to mind. This may mean something to you too, and maybe even elicit a smile. If not, that's okay too... Cheese and crackers got all muddy!

      A sizable chunk of bleu on a 34º Crispbread.

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        Since cheese and crackers always means a cocktail too, "got all muddy "might not be acceptable I'm thinking?

      2. I love a thick, seedy cracker like dr kracker with sharp cheddar or ultra creamy havarti or Brie. I love seedy dark crackers with cheese these saltines for me.

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          Dr Kracker is one of my favourite crackers, and the variety with cheese and seeds built in would not even any additional cheese on top of it ;-)

        2. Usually two cheeses per plate for comparisons. Each week, one has to be a variety I've not tried before.

          1. Two ways I like it the best, 1. SkiQueen Gjeatost (sp) on plain Ryecrisp
            2. Kraft Deluxe American (I don't care if it's processed, I like it) on Club cracker with a dot of
            Sriracha. Once in a while add thin pepperoni or hard salami slices. I have this sometimes twice a week for supper if the weather is real hot (like this summer).