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Aug 24, 2012 06:29 PM

Christmas Cove in Maine: Need Your input on food, shopping...

Hello everyone, this is my first post and hopefully not the last. I need help! I will be travelling to Christmas Cove in Maine and I would appreciate any information as to where to dine, places to visit, shopping, activities (nothing extreme like sky diving! lol) etc. We are staying at a friends house right on the water so hotel accomodations are not needed.
Anything within an hours drive from Christmas Cove is fine unless you have an incredible suggestion that you think we should experience. My previous profession was restaurant/chef owner so food is important and my wife loves to sight see and shopping and antiquing. Our children are all over 21 and will not be with us on this trip (yeah!)
Any help you can offer will be appreciated.

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  1. In Christmas Cove, "Coveside" is a more than adequate pub-style place, right on the harbor and thus incredibly scenic. That's it for the immediate vicinity. However, on your way in you'll go through Damariscotta, where the Damariscotta River Grill is really excellent (about 25 minutes from Xmas Cove), and worth a trip back up. Also in Damariscotta are King Eider's Pub and the Newcastle Publick House, both pretty ordinary. On the main street is a quite decent Thai place with some outdoor seating. The best restaurant in the mid-coast, and a James Beard award winner, is slightly more than an hour from Xmas Cove--Primo, in Rockland, definitely worth a trip for someone like you. You'll find plenty of discussion of Primo on Chow.

    1. Both Rockland and Camden are just about exactly 1 hour away...those are your best food bets for sure (and likely the best bets for shopping, activities, etc). As mainemal stated, Primo is a definite must do. You'll find many additional postings on Rockland, Rockport, & Camden on the Chowhound boards.