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Aug 24, 2012 05:40 PM

Merrimack Valley/North of Boston 'Hounds--product question


If any of you are doing low-carb, would you know if the Market Baskets in the area sell canned Black Soybeans (not black beans, black soybeans).

I've seen them in other stores with big "health food" sections; even in Stop and Shop, but my local Market Basket seems to have little in the way of a healthy aisle. Maybe the Salem, NH or Lawrence store? Anyone??


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  1. I do not buy canned beans at MB b/c the brands add extras like a lot of salt and even sugar. I haven't seen soy beans, but sometimes there are selections from Eden that do not have extra ingredients.

    1. I don't buy canned beans so I can't answer either. I will say though, that the grocery manager at the Market Basket in South Lawrence is very accommodating. If you give him a call and tell him what you're looking for, he'll order it. He's done it for me several times which saves me from paying Whole Foods prices on certain specialty items that I buy on a regular basis. I suppose you could ask the grocery manager of the MB near you as well.

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        Thank you--I might have to. I was in the MB in Salem NH, which carries a ton of beans (Goya, Progresso, even some Eden brands) but no black soy beans. I'm surprised because they have some non mainstream items. But i will ask.