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Aug 24, 2012 05:05 PM

Los Angeles Neighborhood of the Month - Nominations


After hearing back from some LA hounds in this discussion, we're going to give Neighborhood of the Month a try for September:

As some of you may have noticed, we've started doing a project called "Dish of the Month" on a few boards....this launched in SF in July, and has now been expanded to a few other cities, too (Toronto, Washington DC, New Orleans, Boston, New York City). The San Francisco Dish of the Month project was a big success in July, and it resulted in this post: after a really robust thread:

We've been thinking about expanding this to the Los Angeles board as well, but in a different format. The idea is "Neighborhood of the Month"

The premise would be choose a specific neighborhood each month....I suppose it could be as broad as a particular section of the city (i.e. Cypress Park) or actual city (i.e. Monterey Park), but ideally would be more specific (a particular stretch of a street, or a particular group of blocks), and then collectively try as many restaurants as possible in that area. I think LA would be particularly good for this since there seem to be tons of streets and neighborhoods with restaurants that no one talks about....and there could be some serious hidden gems. A project like this could encourage exploration, and the sniffing out of great new of the original goals of Chowhound.

This is going to work the same way as Dish of the Month and Cookbook of the Month, with a nomination thread, a voting thread, and a reporting thread. Hounds could organize amongst themselves to try to cover as many places as possible in a certain area. I think a big goal in this will be to chart out new places and make new discoveries!

So, please feel free to discuss different neighborhoods that could work....I personally think a small area might work best (like, take a certain number of blocks of a specific street), but it's up to you.

You can nominate as many neighborhoods as you want, and please do so in ALL CAPS so it will be easy to count later. The nominations will go until August 28th. Then voting will start, and we'll begin eating on September 1st!

Looking forward to this!

Dave MP


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    1. re: ZoeZ

      That is exactly what I was going to suggest (for purely selfish reasons, since I'm moving there shortly)! To be specific, WESTWOOD BLVD BETWEEN PICO AND UCLA.

      Also, I was going to point out to Dave MP - I'm not sure if people in other cities are like this, but here in LA people quibble endlessly about the boundaries of areas like the Westside and Koreatown, so you probably are better off giving specific streets - otherwise the thread will likely devolve into an argument about geography.

      1. re: aching

        I agree, I think it's nice to be specific about neighborhood boundaries for this project. So, certain blocks of a street (like aching suggests), or specific borders to an area (like vegetablelasagna and E Eto do below)

        1. re: Dave MP

          Also for selfish reasons....I just moved there....I'd like to explore this area as well.
          WESTWOOD BLVD.

    2. KOREATOWN (food radius of Western to Vermont, 3rd to Pico)
      NORTH HOLLYWOOD (food radius of Colfax to Vineland, Magnolia to Sherman Way)
      MIRACLE MILE/3RD STREET (food radius of La Cienega to La Brea)
      LOS FELIZ (food radius of Vermont to Hillhurst, Sunset to Los Feliz)

      I have more but I'll stop.

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        1. * MID-CITY/ARLINGTON HEIGHTS from Rimpau/Olympic down to Washington Blvd to Western Ave.
          * WEST ADAMS/JEFFERSON PARK from La Brea/Adams down to Exposition Blvd to Vermont Ave.
          * CRENSHAW BLVD from Jefferson down to Florence or Manchester
          * BYZANTINE-LATINO QUARTER from Olympic/Western down to Washington to Vermont Ave.
          * RAMPART VILLAGE/WESTLAKE: the triangle between Hoover/Venice up to Temple encompassed by the 110 and 101 freeways.
          * EAST LA/BOYLE HEIGHTS: the area enveloped by the Golden State Freeway to the west, the San Bernadino Freeway to the north, the Pomona freeway to the south, and the Long Beach freeway to the east.

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            1. re: E Eto

              +1 for all your neighborhoods, also please extend Mid-City to include all of 90019 -----> Westward to Fairfax.

            2. West SGV: Valley Blvd between Garfield Ave. (Alhambra) and Rosemead Blvd (Rosemead).

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              1. re: raytamsgv

                That's a huge area when considering the length versus the density of food choices! Just something to consider - would SGV be more easily dissected if it were by regional cuisine, specific dishes, or smaller segments of streets like Valley, Garfield, Garvey or Las Tunas?