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Aug 24, 2012 04:11 PM

September 2012 Boston Dish of the Month - Nominations

It's time to choose a Dish of the Month for Boston for September 2012.

The idea is this: choose a 'Dish of the Month' for Boston and then collectively try as many versions of this dish as possible, reporting back with details and photos. It's great to talk about places you've been in the past, but the idea is to explore new places and make new discoveries.

The dish that gets chosen might be something very specific (minestrone soup, xiao long bao) but might also be more of a dish category (stuffed pasta dishes, Asian fried chicken). It's up to the users on this board, but it probably makes sense to choose something that locals are excited about trying and finding the best versions!

I'm thinking that the criteria for choosing a dish should be that it's something readily available, but not too generic (i.e. pizza and tacos are perhaps too broad) and also affordable for most people (i.e. average cost of the single dish is less than $8)

This is the nomination thread for September 2012…you can nominate as many dishes as you want, but once we do the voting thread (which will start on August 28), it will be one vote per user.

To nominate a dish, post it in ALL CAPS in the responses below. This thread will be open until August 28th.

Let the nominations begin!

Dave MP

Link to the round-up story for July San Francisco Dish of the Month:

Link to Boston's August Dish of the Month:

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    i'd suggest a seasonal dish where tomatoes or corn are the star.

    1. If you were to go a bit more broad with 'corn dishes,' I am still hoping to try that pastel de choclo and as the oc states corn would allow folks to seek out seasonal dishes with local corn (Tara probably doesn't use seasonal corn, but that is ok).

      As another broad topic, having people discuss less common vegetable dishes (ethnic, seasonal, etc). I love when Wangs has baby bok choy which they make with dried mushrooms, have had nice pea shoots and other vegetable dishes from Quingao. The Chinese long beans with pork from Best Little Restaurant are awesome. Fuloon has some truly excellent cabbage dishes. And although a bit more common, I always enjoyed the Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce at King Fung, so interested to have it with Peking Duck at China King. (Chili Garden is also a regular source of pickled and cold vegetable dishes, but there maybe better options I frequent less.) All my examples are "favorite Chinese restaurant vegetable dishes" which could be a great topic and maybe that is what is needed to get this sharing of dishes jump-started.

      However, selfishly, I was sort of hoping that making it broader would mean for a few other vegetables that the Umass World Crops program has brought to local farmers -- such as maxixe and taioba for Brazilians, and several squashes for all sorts of Latin American cusine. (I have bought local maxixe, taioba, and jilo -- most wouldn't like this one, to make dishes, but not seen them outside of farmers and brazilian markets.). Chinese and South Asian vegetables have been around for longer, so that is why it would make a more successful topic, but if there was a way to find local and ethnic crops across a number of cultures in restaurants that would be very cool. So the nominations...


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        I kind of think the third idea here is a bit too vague for I'm going to leave it out of the voting thread. If you really want it in, I'd be happy to add it though.

        I do think that this is a great idea for a Chowhound thread, but for Dish of the Month, I think it helps to be a bit more specific about what we're looking for. And also to choose something that people will be able to find relatively easily.

        1. Any other nominations? This is the last chance! If you'd like to second any nominations, that is helpful as well...