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Aug 24, 2012 03:31 PM

Butlers Flat in manorhaven

I am almost reluctant to tell about Butlers Flat; 86 Orchard Beach Blvd; Manorhaven because I don't want it to get to crowded. It's a pop-up clam shack open only until 9/30. Unlike most places on the water this has seafood as good as the view. You can get REAL FRIED CLAMS, lobster roll, scallops, steamed lobster...all very good. They come with french fries and coleslaw. You belly up to the counter, order, and sip a glass of wine (served in a plastic glass) while you wait. You can bring your own if you'd like.

The view is great. It's all outdoors so you have to go on a nice day. Manorhaven is part of Port case you never heard of it. I guarantee you'll enjoy. Owner is a charming man from New Bedford, Ma. and heknows seafood.

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  1. I so wanted to like this place. Agree that the fried clams were very good, but on my visit nothing else was. Lobster roll was barely OK, they had no raw clams or oysters, fries were frozen, hot dogs weirdly dry, the worst cole slaw I have ever had. Kitchen just gave out a we-don't-care vibe. I guess I should have had a steamed lobster...

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      And I agree that the coleslaw could be much approved. I have eaten only the clams and lobster, but friends have had steamed clams, the fisherman'slatter and soft shell crabs,saying they were all good. My husband does not eat shellfish so he has had whatever fish there is..all fresh.

      I found the kitchen and especially the owner to be nothing but nice. They sell wine but you canbring your own.

      I have no stake in butlers flat; but I always feel good when I go. The setting helps too.

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        I may well have been there on an off night. There was certainly no owner on the premises. I'll give it another try. Thanks!

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          The owner is a young man from new Bedford,Ma. I think Larry Forgione has something to do with the place. Hope you like it better this time.

    2. They had a spot at Jones Beach theatre this summer but always seemed to run out of stuff. Twice I had the fried clams, the only thing I ever got to try, and they were perfect whole belly fried clams. I will check out the joint before they close. Thanks for posting and putting it on the radar.

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        Are you sure it's the same place? Although I've never had a problem with food running out,,I did hear someone say they were out of some things. I guess you should go early during the week if possible. Enjoy.