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Aug 24, 2012 03:20 PM

Celery smells like maple syrup?

I was just cutting some celery, and I noticed a faint maple syrup smell in the air. And now even my hands smell like maple syrup! I googled celery and maple syrup, and I noticed a lot of people arguing about whether things smelled like maple syrup or celery. Anyone else noticed this, or know why the heck celery smells so much like maple syrup??

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    The CHemical composition of maple syrup

    It says that imitation maple syrup is flavored with extracts of fenugreek (I knew that) or lovage. I'm not familiar with lovage, but its Wiki article says it has a flavor and smell similar to celery.
    sotolon is aromatic compound found in fenugreek, lovage, and maple syrup.
    identifies sotolon in celery.

    So in sum, celery and maple syrup probably share one or more aromatic compounds. The full smell of maple comes from a dozen or more compounds, but these shared ones might be enough to trigger an association.

    As a parallel think of how many things remind you of vanilla. Vanilin is one of the simpler organic aromatic compounds

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