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Aug 24, 2012 02:31 PM

Chinese kitchen supply store - manhattan or brooklyn

i'm in search of a Chinese jiaozi rolling pin - wooden with tapered ends - like a french rolling pin but not as big (thinking 12"). any ideas where i can find one? i know broadway panhandler does not have what i want.

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  1. Downstairs at Kam Man on Canal. I can't say for sure they have it, but if you haven't been yet you should see it.

    1. Not sure, but you could try Pearl River on Broadway near Broome St. There's also a store on Bowery near Doyers that you could try.

      1. There's a rolling pin at Broadway Restaurant Supply that looks like what you've described. Go to Products>Baking Supplies and scroll way down.

        1. just so anyone else knows...i went to hong kong supermarket and for $1.79 (really) bought the basic wood dowel rolling pin that, it seems, every chinese cook uses to roll dumplings! pearl river had them too but for $1.95. bought two. my daughter and i made dumplings - mine on the left, hers on the right. i did learn that we like a thicker dumpling wrapper and next time am aiming for that.

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            i did learn that we like a thicker dumpling wrapper and next time am aiming for that.

            In general, I agree....especially for Pan Fried dumplings. I always found it odd when someone mentions they want the thinnest possible skin for their dumplings. I do not wan the wrapper to be overwhelming.....but a nice balance. that will hold the dumpling and any condiments i may use. If i wanted a meatball, then I would order meatballs. Egg wrappers (Yellow) should be thinner than just flour only ( White ) wrappers