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Aug 24, 2012 02:31 PM

Lunch in Sausalito

I will be over in the Bay area in a few weeks. We plan on biking over the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito. Any recommendations on a good lunch spot before the ride back would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Fish! Note there's always at least four daily special entrees and four special starters in addition to the regular menu.

    Very bikeable from the bridge. Great food, gorgeous views, and totally normal to see diners in full spandex bike gear.

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    1. re: artemis

      Looks great!

      We actually may bike to Tiburon as well. If there is a better lunch spot there we are open to that as well. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    2. While I love Fish, last time we tried to go (maybe two months ago?) the line was into the parking lot.

      We ended up at Le Garage and loved it. We shared mussels and a cheeseburger, with some nice wines by the glass.

      Don't know much about the places in Tiburon, but I always want to stop when we ride through there. Sam's, for the view, but I suspect you may find better food elsewhere.

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        I like Fish, too, but wanted something a bit more formal and recently tried Le Garage for the first time -- it was great. The stuffed squash blossoms were the best I've had. The online menu said they were stuffed with crab, but I believe the menu I saw that day said salt cod. Anyhow, delicious. The salad Nicoise was very fresh tasting, with wonderful, tiny purple potatoes -- the size of marbles.

        One thing though, they don't take reservations for lunch. We arrived at 12:30 (mid-week) and got one of the last tables. Soon there was a 15 minute wait. The kitchen might have been overwhelmed, because the food was a bit slow coming out, but the service was as good as it could be under the circumstances. And it's the kind of place where people walk around with the bottles of wine they've brought in, and no one blinks an eye if you have champagne with lunch.

      2. Scoma's in Sausalito doesn't get a lot of love on this board but to me it's a pretty solid lunch destination with killer views.

        You can sit inside/outside which may fit in with your aggressive biking plans. I like the sanddabs there and the crab cake app. The wine list is good, there is a small but decent selection of local beers and the barkeep can build you a serviceable cocktail if you ask him. The knock on the place is price. It's a little pricey for some but my take is that lunch can be a good value. The place gets slammed for lunch (equal mix tourists/locals) so maybe get there around 2 p.m. when things begin to slow down a bit.

        FISH? I like it. There's nothing wrong with sitting outside at a picnic table that overlooks the water. Cash only. Maybe visit the nearby Bay Model before kicking back for lunch. After lunch, you can continue biking up to where the houseboats are (Liberty Dock, etc.). If you're a tad pooped, you can always catch the ferry (bike friendly) for the return trip to the Embarcadero.