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Aug 24, 2012 02:23 PM

dinners near coal harbor

Visiting Vancouver for the first time for 5 nights and would like to sample the city's cuisine. Some fine dining, some moderate. Our apt. is near Coal Harbor. Suggestions?

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  1. Coal Harbour itself is not great for cuisine but you are not far from Gastown which has many wonderful options.

    Fine dining - L'abbatoir, Chambar, Boneta
    Moderate - Sardine Can, Wildebeest (this one just opened - should be very "buzzy")

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      Lower Robson, as well as the north half of Denman, both have a good mix and variety of venues, and are well within walking distance from Coal Harbor.

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        Wouldn't call Wildebeest moderately priced, the meals may be $18 but the sizes match a L'Abbatoir appy. It's also *just* opened so I'd give that a few weeks for a full-on meal (I had to send a dish back, which I almost never do). The interior is spectacular. It'd be a great place to go for a cocktail or glass of wine to check out the buzz.

        There are a lot of great Ramen places on lower Robson as well as Tavola / Nook at the Robson & Denman area for moderately priced Italian/pizza.