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Aug 24, 2012 02:12 PM

Good dim sum for post wedding party?

We're looking for good dim sum, close to downtown, for any guests who want to join us the morning after our wedding. I've heard Crown Princess and Rol San are good options. Thoughts? I'd like something not too pricey but good, capable of possibly having large groups of people. Thanks!

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  1. "Good" dim sum can be had at Rol San, Crown Princess, Dynasty (on Yorkville) or the Pearl (at Harbourfront). The room at Rol San is not as nice as the latter 3. LWH is a higher end and pricier option. There are many lesser options.... How "large" a group are you expecting and where are the guests staying?

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    1. re: T Long

      Guests are staying close to downtown (wedding is on the islands). Not sure now many guests- but it could be anywhere from 15-40 as almost all are from out of town. I've heard good things about both Rol San and the Crown Princess- what is a good option for those who may not have had dim sum before and want an 'authentic' experience but also not scary for the more timid?

      1. re: flygirl76

        If the group can be as high as 40, I would think that the Rol San room/space could be awkward. The other 3 "good" places are comparable in food quality and pricing and should be able to accommodate that large a group. You should meet with the restaurant staff prior to discuss arrangements like table reservations and to scope out the space. Dim Sum is typically ordered for a table and the food is shared among table-mates. It will be best to have at least one person per table (tables can seat from 4 to 10 typically) familiar with dim sum to guide the table when ordering. You should also be able to get some guidance from the restaurant staff who should be English friendly...especially at the Dynasty and Pearl. Of the 3, the most extravagant room would be at the Crown Princess. Most dim sum is actually pretty dumplings, noodle rolls, identifiable dishes like pork ribs, etc. If one wants something more adventurous, I like the chicken feet or beef tripe which has a "grossing" factor to some.

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          I would suggest Pearl. It is downtown - so great if you have guests staying at the Westin closest to the islands. I had my wedding there, traditional Chinese banquet and the servers were great and really accommodating for those who were picky eaters.

          So I would highly recommend it. You could maybe even asked to be put in a closed off area, depending on the side of your group.

          1. re: panko

            Hmm - Pearl does sound ok- is the food decent?

      2. I would go for Lai Wah Heen, but slightly cheaper Crown Princess would be a good choice as well as they can accommodate parties. Rol San is impossible with large groups, and Pearl is IMO not very good.

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          So you'd go with the Crown Princess for the best option (it needs to be budget-friendly- many of our guests have flown in). Good to know re: large groups. Thanks!

          1. re: flygirl76

            Crown Princess isn't exactly cheap, it's one of the pricier options downtown, but no dim sum meal (outside of Lai Wah Heen) is really THAT expensive. Could be like $20-$30 a head at Crown Princess. And the Macau casino decor and servers in French maid outfits will really give everyone something to talk about.