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Aug 24, 2012 01:58 PM

Mumbai: Pomfret Beckti Doria?

Forty years ago I was served a fish dish called Pomfret Beckti Doria (spelling may differ) at the West End Hotel in Bombay. It was utterly delicious: firm, meaty fish with a nuttiness from, I think, being sauteed in clarified butter. I have never encountered as fine a dish of pomfret since, nor have I found any reference to "beckti doria" as a preparation. Might a Mumbai gourmet enlighten me? Cheers!

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  1. Can you give any further description on that fish dish - any spice marinade used, any gravy, accompaniments?

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      There was no sauce. It had a nice nuttiness, so I assume it was sauteed in browned butter, maybe a la meuniere. The memory has stayed with me because of the lovely nutty, firm, mild meatiness. In memory it's texture was more like Hawai'ian ono rather than other pomfrets I've had. I have often wondered about the origin/meaning of "Beckti Doria." Thank you for your kind reply.

      1. re: oystertripe

        Well, there *is* the Bekti fish (white-fleshed) that's fairly common in Indian cooking:

        Unless you're dining in a continental restaurant, chances are, your fish was sauteed in ghee, which is clarified butter - the most common type of fat used for cooking in Indian cuisine. Maybe the "nuttiness" came from black mustard seeds.