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Aug 24, 2012 01:40 PM

Trip Report - 4 days in Portland

Just came back from a great trip to Portland and Seattle, where I managed to squeeze in at least 4 meals per day to keep up with my to-eat list. Here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

-Nong's khao man gai: I got the standard chicken and rice dish. It was good, if a bit underflavored on its own. Quite filling dish for $7. Might get again.
-Taqueria el Rodeo: Tacos al Pastor were cheap and delicious. Would get again.
-Aybla Mediterranean: Greek salad wrap with falafel. Very fried falafel and a bit heavy on the dressing, but a very good salad to have with pita. Great dressing. Would eat again.

-Pine State Biscuits: Super buttery biscuits with delicious mushroom gravy. Started out great, but then lost its appeal. Wouldn't get again, as it was a novelty.

-Caffe Allora: Surprisingly empty on a Friday evening, but had a great atmosphere with delicious food. The homemade gnocci was melt-in-your-mouth good and came with a simple, but tasty red sauce. Other pasta dishes were also quite good, as was the special ceviche appetizer. Would absolutely eat here again.
-Apizza Scholls: Very good pizza, but I was expecting upscale pizza, so this was on a different level(more traditional). Crust was very crisp, but I prefer a softer, chewier crust. My girlfriend loved it though. We both felt a bit sick afterwards due to the large amount of oil, even after soaking some off with napkins. Would eat here again, but not in a long line.
-Farm Cafe: Interesting menu with good, healthy sounding dishes. In execution, everything tasted very good, if a bit over-salted and most definitely too fried for our tastes. Still a very good meal. Would eat here again.
-Pok Pok(take-out): Got Sunny's Yam Wun Sen, which had good flavors and textures, but was far too spicy for my taste. I would try again, but would ask for mild.
-Empire Pizza(take-out): Got 1 slice of cheese for $3.25. Great cheap pizza. Would eat again, if looking for cheap pizza.
-Por Que No(take-out): Rice and beans bowl w/ guacamole was a great little dish. Fish tacos were also very good. Veggie tacos didn't taste like much. Super affordable. Would eat here again.

-Salt & Straw: Great ice cream. Really helpful staff who let me try tons of flavors and were very helpful in describing them. My favorites were "Citra Hops & Apricot"(seasonal - very refreshing ice cream with a mild kick from hops) and "Boke Bowl"(guest flavor - lemongrass/lime ice cream w/ caramel swirl and fish sauce). They also had great other flavors like Salted Caramel, Oregon Rocky Road, and many others.
-Two Tarts bakery: Tasty small cookies. My favorite was the double chocolate chip.
-Papa Haydn: Amazing desserts. Would absolutely eat here again.

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    1. Thanks for reporting back! Glad to see someone else likes the Cafe Allora gnocci ...

      1. I'm intrigued by the Cafe Allora gnocchi (might have to go for the four cheese sauce though!) and appreciate the straight up approach to the other pastas per the menu

        Papa Hadyn for dessert sounds lovely, hadn't come across in planning our next eating trip to Portland in October. I want the lemon chiffon cake NOW:

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          Dessert? Go to Sugar Cube cart instead!

          1. re: Leonardo

            How about "as well"? :-) Sugar Cube is definitely high on the list for a cart day.