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Aug 24, 2012 01:33 PM

Israel - December - 14 people - 6 Kids (under 11)

I would welcome any suggestions. My boss and his entire family - including 6 kids under the age of 11 - are traveling this December to Israel. They keep kosher, which I don't anticipate being an issue in Israel. I am more concerned with the size of the party and the cost.

Any suggestions for kid friendly reasonably priced places to eat in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat.



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  1. In Jerusalem, Cafe Rimon (both the Ben Yehuda area and Mamila) are places that comfortably handle large groups and is pretty popular with families. The prices there I would say are reasonably priced for Israel, and it's a good representation of Israeli cafe food (both lunch and dinner fare). Another place in Jerusalem that I'd recommend for large groups would be the Ticho House ( Similar "standard Israeli food" - but most of the places that I can think of immediately that are kosher and popular with larger groups often fall into that category. Jerusalam is a city that suffers from some pretty severe menu fatigue.

    On Emek/in the Germany Colony I assume that there are some other options that do really well with large groups (and I think the vast majority of restaurants in that area are kosher), but I'm not as familiar with what's there. By an large, with the exception of a few really fancy/pricey places - most Israeli restaurants are more kid friendly than those I'd find in the US. The bigger issue is more a case of size and places that really cater to large groups.

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      Follow-up, another place that I've heard good things about (and has locations in the Germany Colony and the city center) is Roza. It's a meat restaurant that's pretty popular and also equiped for larger groups.

    2. In Eilat, they should eat at Achla. It is meat on the grill and unlimited salads. Very good food and kid friendly.