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Aug 24, 2012 12:51 PM

Looking for Italian in Milwaukee, all levels from the innovative to the authentic to the mom and pop checkered table cloth - where are the goods at?

I came across an article in the Marquette tribune detailing the Italian American experience in Milwaukee. In addition to the feast that was mentioned(Festa Italiana) what are some examples of fine Italian food in Brewersville? And again, it could be a deli or bakery, pizza joint or a white table cloth as serious as Del Posto(NYC/Lidia Bastianic), Mozza(LA/Mario Batali) or A Tavola(Chicago)

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  1. In my opinion these would be some of the better options in the Milwaukee area:


    Ristorante Bartolotta, 3rd Ward Caffe, Mimma's, Zarletti, Sala da Pranzo








    Balistreries, Zaffiros

    Do you have a link to the article you mentioned that was in the Marquette Tribune? I would like to see their perspective.

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      More a history than where to eat but fascinating for a non resident

    2. Tenuta's on the south side is very good. Fancy enough for date night, but still casual. Our food was light and tasty, and the wine chalkboard is large enough to use in a classroom.

      1. Checkered table cloth? Yo, I got your checkered table cloth right here!

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        1. For pizza, i have found myself looking forward to trying to supervise/herd cats at the scout camp on Silver Lake in Oconomowoc. The Rosati's pizza there is my favorite in the Milwaukee area. Before people gasp, the rosati's in Fox Point and (Germantown? Off of appleton next to radio shack close to Sentry) are a different chain, and very inferior. Very inferior. There is supposed to be a newer one in Pewaukee, but I have not tried it.

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            I was at the Pewaukee Rosati's on Capitol Drive on Friday. Had the lunch special (a slice and a drink for $4). We used to love the Rosati's that was in Harvard, IL so I am not biased against the chain. The Chicago deep-dish we'd get down there was very good; Pewaukee's thick-crust slice, adequate but not exceptional.