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Aug 24, 2012 12:47 PM

filipino roast pig

Does anyone know where we can order a roast pig from? We would like to have one for an event in September?

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  1. If you do not find what you are looking for here, post on the NJ Board. There's a place 15 minutes from the GWB.

    1. I recommend going to Manny's on Union Turnpike, they specialize in Filipino roast pig at a good price. Tito Rad's in Queens also. You can try asking Maharlika in Manhattan, they do not say they do it, but they might on a special order, same with Grill 21. But Manny's is only a 20 minute ride from Manhattan.

      1. I love our filipino pacific islander style underground roast pig.

        1. Tito Rad's in Queens has the best Filipino roast pig around.
          I think last Christmas they must have sold about 50 of them.
          Manny's Bake Shop in Queens also does a good roast pig.

          Note : i didn't realize this was an old post , and I had already answered.

          Also,I have never seen an underground roast pig in the Phillipines, although I've enjoyed it in Hawaii.