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Aug 24, 2012 11:56 AM

MKE- Authentic Thai recommendations, please?

My spouse has a friend that recently moved to the Milwaukee area and is seeking out authentic Thai sit-down restaurant recommendations. Naturally I was asked about this because everyone knows the name Fowler is Thai. :-)

My first suggestion was EE Sane on the East Side but the friend had been there already and did not care for it for a number of reasons. I thought of that place on HWY 100 a bit south of Greenfield Road or The King and I, but they are not authentic by that persons standards.

Any recommendations for authentic Thai food in the metro area? Is there possibly a Thai neighborhood that might offer some authentic food?

Thanks for any ideas on options.

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  1. There seem to be a lot of Thai restaurant on the stretch of National Avenue between 27th St and Miller Parkway. I confess I havent tried them, but your friend might want to check the area anyway.

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      Thanks Fydeaux. All of National seems to offer a variety of good ethnic food and I will steer her into that specific area.

    2. I'm not so sure as to the "authenticity" but we have always had very good food at the Thai BBQ on National. This is by far our favorite Thai restaurant in Milwaukee

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        Your recommendation is most appreciated. Thank you.

      2. Well, I can tell you where not to go, the one in Theinsville. Or the one on brown deer rd by the adult movie rental past 96th.

        Both sister-in-laws are Thai, and the only one they liked is now defunct and changed into a Pakastani place that is good but spicy for me. Good Hope and 76th, just north of the intersection on 76th.

        Remember that there is Thai, and Royal Thai styles. Apparently the Royal Thai is far less spicy since it is unseemly for the king to be seen sweating.

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          Thanks for being the contrarian and mentioning what her friend should avoid. We have not returned to Theinsville after an issue that caused a ruckus after I was not served the last piece of fish at an "All You Can Eat" advertised fish fry. Their problem, and the Theinsville police agreed.

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            I actually have driven people visiting past Chuck's to show them where it happened. The Thai place in question is a block south across the street. The yelp reviews of it are "interesting".
            Just an fyi, the Prime Minister a little further north from Chuck's is one of my breakfast standards when in the area.

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              For bakery/breakfast in Theinsville do you ever go to Mila's? Many, many years ago I lived not too far from them when they first opened. I do not know what it is like today, but back then it was fantastic.

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                To be honest, I have not been there in several years. My better two thirds has settled on a different bakery in Whitefish Bay.

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                  I just drove through Theinsville going to Grafton. The space that had milia's isup for lease and the place looks empty.