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Aug 24, 2012 11:41 AM

kosher kimchi, kosher kelp noodles

do they exist kosher certified? not interested in making it myself. Bonus points if they are organic

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    1. I've never heard of the kelp noodles. Do they have an additional name?

      The only heckshered kimchee I've found is the Adamah kimchee that Avitrek mentioned. It's tasty. However, making kimchee is about 5 minutes of work and a few days of letting it sit around and getting good and ripe.

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        1. re: uropsych

          I'm also interested in making kimchee. Anyone?

      1. adama, full disclosure, adam their pickle macher is a clse friend.also we keep home made for staff meal at pardes but that only helps if you work here.

        1. I've seen organic vegan kimchi, maybe it's worth it to approach them to get kosher certified?

          I usually just make my own kimchi.

          1. Do Kelp Noodles need a hechsher?

            I assume you're talking about Raw Kelp Noodles like you'd find at a natural foods market. Tweet to CRC and ask them. I think the ingredients are pretty much raw kelp, and if Rice Noodles are o.k. without a hechsher, I'd be surprised if Kelp Noodles required one.