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Aug 24, 2012 11:37 AM

Places to eat in Detroit, end of September

Hi, Houston Eater here (formerly of SF Bay Area). My husband and I are traveling to Detroit the last weekend in September and were looking for some recommendations. We are both adventurous eaters and willing to try anything at least once, with the one caveat that I am a vegetarian (cheese and other dairy items okay, but no meat, poultry, seafood or fish). We will most likely be staying downtown, but will have a car and are willing to travel. Any recommendations for food, cheap eats for the daytime, maybe one really nice place for a Friday or Saturday night out, would be very much appreciated. I have read a number of discussions of food in Detroit, but I would like your not to be missed Detroit restaurants.

Also, and I know this is not really food related, but what do you recommend for an early thirties couple to do in Detroit. I am an architecture and art nerd, my husband is a beer nerd, and we both love music of all kinds.


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  1. I'd like to get back to you about a fall menu tasting I'm going to next week before I recommend a certain place. But as far as beer nerd and architect/art nerd, you are in the right place. Beer nerd: motor city brew works. Art nerd: Detroit Institute of Art (world class collection, going there tonight to see the Vermeer on loan). Architect nerd: many, many, many buildings designed by Albert Khan, and other gems -- take a Detroit tour!

    Cheap(ish) eats - check out Supinos in Eastern Market, and check out Eastern Market. If you have a car, get out to Dearborn for some middle eastern food (extremely vegetarian-friendly!).

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      All solid recommendations!

      Since you'll have a car ...

      Consider adding Dragonmead Microbrewery:


      For vegan; consider a visit to NeeHee's Indian Street Food


      For architecture:


      Hopefully, this bldg will endure:


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        Just had a special tasting dinner at Iridescence and in a word - ZOWIE! The view alone is worth it. So incredible! They are very vegetarian friendly too, so that's a plus for you. I can't speak to a lot of high-end dinners in Detroit (I'm poor, we just bought a house), but that one was definitely a dining event, and not just a dinner. It would be a great choice for a really nice place for Friday or Saturday. Get there when it's still light and watch the night fall on the city, it's pretty amazing.

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          This does look good. Thanks! We don't do fancy meals very often either (also just bought a house, and a car so I know the feeling). But this is a trip for a special occasion (birthday/anniversary), so we get one nice dinner out. For my husband's birthday we happened to be in Vegas for work and we went to Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, very interesting meal, but the view over Las Vegas is incredible. It would be nice to have a nice view of Detroit for my birthday!

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            The Detroit restaurant with the best view of the city is: Coach Insignia

            Sadly; the latest reports say that the food is slipping.

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            Donna and I were impressed-as-all-get-out when we went to Iridescence a couple of years ago. It's more definitely high end, but what we experienced was worth it.

        2. All good advice so far, but on the architecture front don't miss the Guardian Building, 500 Griswold. Inside are not one but two excellent coffee places, one of them with decent inexpensive soups and sandwiches. One of the great exuberant office towers of the 1920s. Also, if you want to see the country's greatest movie palace, get tickets to a show at the Fox Theater. http://www.olympiaentertainment.com/d... Decent new Italian in area: Angelina. For veggie options, you can't do better than MIddle Eastern in Dearborn.

          1. In the city: daytime snack or meal at Avalon Bakery. Good local color of the reviving Detroit scene + amazing baked goods, good coffee, etc.

            Dearborn: the largest Lebanese community outside of Beirut. My out-of-town guests are always impressed by the Cedarlands www.cedarlandrestaurants.com/ Cruise around Warren Rd, Shaeffer Av. Check out the bakeries, produce marts.

            1. As Charlesbois says, Eastern Market and surroundings for food on Saturday

              Art: DIA and MOCAD, Heidelberg Project

              Architecture: in addition to others' recs, I suggest, if you are into pre-WW II US history, a trip to Shrine Catholic Church in Royal Oak. An amazing piece of history and interesting art deco touches.

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                When in Eastern Market....Try Supino's pizza....

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                  re: Shrine Catholic Church, that was the pulpit of Rev. Charles Coughlin, who broadcast on CBS radio from 1938-1942 until he was finally forced off the air for expressing sympathy w/the Nazis.

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                    Yes, that's part of the fascination to me. Such a beautiful church from such hatred, and built literally with pennies during the Depression.

                2. I have to put in a word in for the Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum for things to do. They're having a fall flavor event that weekend.

                  Not a foodie or beer destination to be sure, but I would think an architecture buff would love to spend time there.