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Aug 24, 2012 11:35 AM

Pre-Theater Dinner in Penn Quarter (in jeans? tonight?)

Yay, we won Free For All tickets! Now, where to eat dinner? My first thought was Zaytinya, but the service can be slow there. (I have to get the tickets at 6, and come back for seating at 7:30.) I know 701 does a pre-theater menu, but since it's casual Friday, I'm wearing jeans and sneakers.

We may wind up just doing one of our fast stand-bys (Teaism, Chop't, or Merzi) but is there a better option? Thanks!

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  1. Luke's Lobster is great but they don't have much seating (on E street near 7th Street).

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      Hill Country can be quick as long as the wait isn't long.

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        That's where we went. Our server was almost certainly stoned, and my beer could have been a bit colder, but the crab roll was fresh and tasty. After we ordered I realized what a better dear the "Noah's Ark" would have been...will probably split that with Mr. Arkham next time.

        Place was empty when we walked in at around 6, but filled up soon after.