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Aug 24, 2012 11:10 AM

lunch in the Bedford area

What's better but a good hike and a great lunch afterwards. We're walking Pound Ridge. Any suggestions for places to go for lunch? My research uncovered The Barn @ Bedford Post? Any news?

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  1. North in armonk has lunch/brunch saturdays. It's a favorite of many on this board.

    1. Blue Dolphin in Katonah. Lovely town, too.

      Try the .Filet of Sole or the Vegetarian Panini. Great stuff.

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      1. re: lemarais

        thanks for both (north looks particularly fun) but both are CLOSED on Sunday. Anybody try the Bedford Post (Inn & two restaurants)?

        1. re: 4 seasons

          I personally hate Bedford Post

          What kind of lunch are you looking for? Casual? Upscale?

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            why do you hate Bedford Post? specifics please. Just want good simple food in a calm lovely, ambiance. Upscale or casual doesn't make the difference.

            1. re: 4 seasons

              The explanation is in her post, which she linked for you. Granted, it's a few years old, but still an interesting thread! After reading it, I've lost my desire to try the place! The cost alone... Total turnoff.

              1. re: 4 seasons

                Did you read the link of my post on Bedford Post in my post? It's pretty specific. That would be why. And, yes, casual or upscale does make a difference depending on which restaurant you go to. I can't remember what each restaurant there is called but the one I wrote about is clearly upscale. The smaller - I believe it's either called the barn or farm at Bedford Post is very casual. I've not been to that one.

                1. re: wincountrygirl

                  Well, we did make our way to Bedford Post after a robust hike in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, which was a few miles away. Lunch @ The Barn: hamburger ($18) which was ordered medium rare arrived med-well with a toasted bun festooned with a blob of butter. It was sent back. While my partner polished off his Post Breakfast (a relative bargain @$15 - eggs, bacon, a sausage, lots of white toast), I waited and waited. Ten minutes later the plate arrived with new hamburger (this time pretty rare and tasteless with another huge dollop of butter) and a pile of soggy salad (substitued for the frites). Enjoyment of dining (added to this distress, several tables of crying toddlers) was spoiled. The bill arrived: one beer, a cup of coffee, a side of sweet potato fries, and the two dishes came to $60. Wow, we ran back to the city, happy to leave behind our day in the country.

                  1. re: 4 seasons

                    Just curious: why did you go to the one place just about everyone warned you about? Not really fair to talk about how happy you were to leave behind your day in "the country" when you deliberately chose a place almost guaranteed to be a fail.

                    1. re: Elisa515

                      of course it's fair. Since no one reviewed The Barn, I believe it's a service to Chowhounds to: 1) confirm other posts; 2) detail my experience at The Barn since others were curious, like myself. Fair? Given the Bedford area which is very upscale and my desire to do more hikes at the Resevation, I still would like to know about alternatives other than bringing up a picnic.

                      1. re: 4 seasons

                        Thanks for confirming wincountrygirl's take on this place. It's officially off my list. OK, it was only barely on it in the first place... but now it's moving to the NEVER list! :-) Sorry it was so awful. Maybe a picnic is the way to go - you can bring and enjoy things you KNOW you like and not take any chances.

            2. French American Bistro, Mt Kisco. Open Sunday. If you're ever there on a day other than Sunday, go to the above-mentioned Blue Dolphin in Katonah.