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Aug 24, 2012 09:26 AM

Anyone been to Rione XIII?

Hello there,
Anyone been yet? Interested in your feedback. It's right around the corner from me and I can't find anyone in the neighborhood who's been yet.

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  1. Didn't it just open this week?

    I haven't been yet but some friends have and said it was great.

    1. Sounds like you need to walk around the corner and try it out..

      1. Ate at Rione this evening and I must say color me impressed. Ethan Sotwell really knows how to open Restaurants!!!!!

        Space is gorgeous!!! Reminds me of Tavolata in a way, but very comfortable casual chic. Good, interesting cocktalis. Nice wine list.

        Was Very impressed with the food. We had only 3 bites but can’t wait to go back for more.

        Artichokes fried in the Jewish style were AWESOME served with some aioli lots of toast bread crumbs, really delicious late summer snack.

        Trippa alla Romangna also AMAZE lots of mint in the tomato sauce, super delicious. The tripe could have been cooked longer but it was fine. Also the beans were perfectly cooked. Nothing spoils a meal for me faster than undercooked beans. I am happy to report these were perfect.

        We finished off with the pizza with clams and zucchini. FANTASTIC!!!! Loved the crust; chewy and crispy like serious pie but not greasy. Toppings were delicious.

        My only complaint is that everything needed salt.

        This place has the potential to be really great!!!

        1. Went for dinner tonight. The space is rustic and boxy, totally transformed from what it was before. After I had sat for a while I started thinking that the windows looked like jail bars, and the lights over the bar looked like glowing penises. Others at the bar extrapolated that to include a pancetta wrapping, and were going home to try it. Hmm.

          The food was highly flavored, mostly of salt. Radicchio with anchovy and cheese, gnocchi with pecorino, sweetbreads with capers and artichokes. I did appreciate the intensity of the radicchio, it needed strong flavors to balance it. The gnocchi were good, I liked that the polenta itself was well flavored and not just bland with cheese on top. Sweetbreads, good, good. Nothing OMG. Slow service at the bar. If I lived in the neighborhood I might go back and try the pizza, but I don't, so it's not a priority.

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          1. I ate there last week and loved it. The fried artichokes were sublime - not anything I would have typically ordered, but ended up being one of the best dishes I've had in a while. Fried perfectly, not oily in the least, beautifully seasoned and with depth of artichoke flavor. The mozzerellas were lovely, and the grilled bread was a nice touch. The chicory-ish caesar-ish salad was too heavy on the anchovy flavor for me, but to me any anchovy is too much anchovy, so I'm not the best judge. The anchovy-neutral among us didn't find it overbearing. Then we had a pasta with a very light marinara and the caci e pepi (sp?), both of which were subtly divine. The heat on the pepi was a sneaker-upper, and totally delightful. We finished with the sweet polenta tater tots, the tiramisu and the amaretto cake. Just get tiramisu for everyone - totally fawn-worthy. The room feels warm, good lighting... I loved it!