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Aug 24, 2012 09:01 AM

Returning to LA for 2 weeks, any new places I need to try?

My gf and I are going to be spending 2 weeks in LA and would love to hear recs for any new places that have popped up in the last couple years. I lived in LA (West LA) from 2005-2010 (previously in the Bay Area), and she is from the Bay Area, but we've both been living in DC for the last 2+ yrs. I've already got a huge list of restaurants that I only made about half my way through, but was hoping for some additional suggestions for new places. We will most likely be staying downtown, with a chance of having to stay in Long Beach, but we will both have cars. We love most foods except we're not big fish/seafood eaters, but Mexican, Indian and Thai are our favorite ethnic foods (ps - we LOVE spicy).

Here are some of my favorites:

Tacos Tamix, MexiCali Taco Co stand, Leo's Tacos
Umami Burger, Father's Office
The India Restaurant
Animal, Fig, Gjelina, Rustic Canyon
Din Tae Fung, 101 Noodle Express (?), Elite

My research turned up these:

Night+Market, Umamicatessen, Guisados, Wood Spoon, Baco Mercat, Mezze (?)

Anything to add?

We're hoping to move to LA in the next 6 months or so, and she has always kind of disliked LA, so I want to give her a great second impression.

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  1. Add-

    Spice Table in Little Tokyo. Get the fried cauliflower, lamb belly satay, beef rendang, and kon loh mee.

    Red Medicine in BH.

    In pictures:

    Tsujita on Sawtelle for Tsukemen (cold dipping ramen). Make sure you order the soft boiled egg.

    Welcome back.

    1. Love Mezze! Great choice. Sotto is great too as is Red Medicine.

      1. If you like Rustic Canyon, you should try Milo & Olive - but arrive early to avoid the queue.

        1. Thanks for the replies so far.

          Does the Breed St street food market still exist? IIRC, police began cracking down on it shortly before I left LA. It was sad because the lady who set up just inside the parking lot made some of the best sopes, huaraches and quesadillas I've had.

          EDIT: going through my notes, it looks like Antojitos Carmen is one of the original Breed St vendors that survived and transitioned into a B&M. Is this the Nina that made those delicious sopes and huaraches?