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Aug 24, 2012 08:59 AM

L'Uva, Durham

Has anyone eaten dinner (or lunch, for that matter) at L'Uva lately? We ate there once or twice shortly after it opened, but not since.

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  1. We ate there two or three weeks ago when a Bulls game was rain delayed. Very good not spectacular meal - couple of pastas, risotto, couple of meats/salmon, fairly priced.

    1. I think Lulus Mom has been once. I went to lunch there awhile back but it was like first opening and they were out of there porchetta which was what I wanted. Items are a la cart I believe.

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        Nope, not me. Durhamois' review is the one I remember. I'd be interested in trying it. I also await reports on the new and hopefully improved Piedmont.

      2. We still love L'uva. We'd go there for the bread alone but fortunately we don't have to. Usually order at least one of the fish specials and pasta bolognaise if it's on the menu. Salads are original and perfectly dressed. We've been for lunch and Sunday brunch a couple of weeks ago. We were delighted to see many of our lunchtime favorites on the brunch menu and the antipasto laid out on the bar looked delicious. We've probably been at least a dozen times and never left unhappy although I remember a Bresaola appetizer that was less than thrilling. We like the room and service has always been attentive and professional.

        1. Head's up, L'Uva is no longer at American Tobacco. Their website says they're relocating to a larger space.

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            I remember this being reported in the N&O before Christmas. Thanks for the reminder. They could use a larger forum but still keep a nice covered patio.

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              We were all set to have dinner their tomorrow night before attending a concert at the DPAC. Went to make reservations and came across the message. I'm glad their closing is only temporary.