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Aug 24, 2012 08:37 AM

Ipad Register Experience

Has anyone been to restuarant that is using a Ipad register system? Where? What type of food service operations are they in? (coffee shop, pizza, sit down, etc. Are they visiting you at the table to pay?

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  1. This topic seems a bit off-topic for this particular board, but Tenoch Mexican Food in Medford uses an iPad register. Its a taqueria specializing in tortas and you order at the counter, so its not taken to the table.

    1. Three Little Figs uses one.

      1. Recently opened coffee place in East Cambridge uses one. Square payments rounds out the deal.

        1. Not sure if Temezcal on the waterfront is still using iPad menus or not, but they were when they opened.

          1. Alive & Kicking in Cambridge uses an iPad system at their counter.