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Aug 24, 2012 08:36 AM

DTW Trip Report

SF Hound here - I was just in town last week for the breast cancer 3Day 60 mile walk - which started in Troy and ended in Dearborn. I was able to spend a couple of days before and after exploring Detroit and Dearborn a little bit so thought I'd share the knowledge. Thanks to hounds for your various threads and advice as I did pull some tips from the boards.

Stayed at Inn on Ferry Street - very cool inn and buildings near Wayne State and the DIA. They get Bonus points for selling cold Bell's beer from the front desk so I was able to taste the Oberon summer brew.

I wandered down Woodward looking for lunch on arrival and ended up getting a very servicable Italian sub from the deli at Garden Bowl on Woodward. That plus a pint of Motor City Brewing Works nut brown ale made a nice Detroit welcome.

A late lunch made a small dinner so a nosh was had at Traffic Jam & Snug - caprese salad with tomatoes from the roof garden plus a nice patio to enjoy the summer evening.

Day 2 lunch was at the cafe at the DIA - gotta love a museum cafeteria with soul food - spinach, cheese rice and collards for the win. A quick stop at Downtown Detroit Days - was too full for the food trucks, but did try a Fruit Loop ice cream from a vendor whose name I can't recall - if I find his business card I'll post it. Really interesting flavors along the lines of Humphrey Slocombe here in SF.

Dinner was Motor City Brewing Works - good beer, great pizza (Mary had a little (with lamb and feta) and a salad made a good pre-walk eating experience.

Post-walk was able to try
- a Detroit pizza at Buddy's in Dearborn - good hot and cold the next day for breakfast
- lunch at Hamido in Dearborn - enough Middle Eastern food to feed 5 people with the combo platter for 2
- ice cream at Shatila's plus a return trip for pastries for the plane.

Would have loved to spend time wandering around Dearborn Super and Greenland Markets but my bags were overpacked as it was so couldn't take the temptation to buy more.

My to-eat list was short as was my time in Detroit but I hope to be back as I didn't get to many of the places, could spend way more time at the DIA and exploring downtown and some of the other arts projects in town. I liked the Detroit vibe and look forward to a return trip.

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  1. I just want to hug your review -- what a great write-up. I love it when visitors like Detroit! And the DIA cafeteria is one of my very favorite places to eat in the D!

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    1. re: charlesbois

      +1 to charlesbois

      I hope you can make it back to the D, Celery. It's definitely not SF but it has its charms

      1. re: charlesbois

        Ditto here.. can't wait, Celery, for you to come back!

      2. was the ice cream from treat dreams? he has a truck in addition to his ferndale store. great, creative ice cream.

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          Still can't find his card, but Treat Dreams sounds like the one. The Fruit Loop ice cream was along the lines of what the milk after a bowl of Fruit Loops would taste like. It wasn't as pronounced a flavor as I would have wished for, but that wouldn't stop me from trying other flavors - or encouraging all you all from doing so!

        2. Thanks for the report. I know this is a restaurant review site, but would you recommend the Inn on Ferry?

          Never been to Hamido, but all your other choices sound great. Especially Shatila's ice cream. I'm obsessed with the pistachio.

          Great job on the walk! Hope you had a wonderful time..

          You walked right by my house in Livonia on Sunday morning. My dog barked at every single one of you for hours on end. I've run marathons, but 60 miles seems unbelievably daunting to me. Congratulations!

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            I would recommend the Inn. There are 5-6 buildings so rooms vary and it's that sort of vintage decor thing, but it was comfortable and the service was friendly and helpful. They put out some of the breakfast early for my friend and I so we could eat before we left at 5:15 a.m. on Day 1 of the walk. And great location for restaurants and museums - they have a shuttle that will go within 5 mile radius so Motor City Brewworks was just a ride away (and it also covers much of downtown too.)

            Thanks - the walk was great - only wish we'd been near any frozen custard stands!

            Being from out of town had no idea where I was most of the walk but the community support was pretty great.

            1. re: Rosedale

              Ditto on the Inn on Ferry St recommendation! We stayed there in March and they have a shuttle van that took us to Eastern Market, Slows's, Vincente's Cuban, and Roast. (there, I covered the food aspect!).

              Breakfast at the Inn was very good, too!

              We would stay there again the next time we go to Detroit.