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Aug 24, 2012 08:04 AM

Wayne area

We are meeting a friend who lives in Rockaway and we are in Fort Lee, so I thought the Wayne area would be a good place to meet. Anyone have any ideas for a nice, casual leisurely early dinner on a Sunday somewhere between the 2 areas. does not have to be Wayne. Can we any type of food except Asian. Somewhere in the not too expensive price range but we don't want cheap either. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Try PJ Rufo's. It's east to get to from all direction and we always liked it.

    1. M&E Caruso's on Union Blvd. in Totowa Boro.....the best Italian and BYOB, great service, very fair prices, a real gem...just off either Route 46 or Route 80. You and your friend will be delighted all-around.

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        The name of the establishment had slipped my mind, but, based on Maryanne06's description, M & E sounds like the same place I ate at approximately 2 years ago, and it was extraordinary, one of the superior Italian restaurants in the entire north Jersey region, much less the Wayne-Totowa area. The friend I dined with that day was of Italian ethnicity, and knew exactly what to order, which may have helped. However, the fact remains--- I'm something of an Italian food snob and despite being born and raised in NJ, tend to universally favor NY Italian food over that of NJ (or anywhere else in the U.S., for that matter), but the meal I had at M & E was at least the equal of the best food I've had in NY (well...pretty much, anyway). It's small, so probably best not to try getting in there on a crowded night. The only comparable Italian restaurants I can think of in North Jersey are Paisano's in Rutherford and Angelo's in Lyndhurst (they were also very, very good; less good was E & V in Paterson, which is good but not as good as some make out).

        If you want something perhaps a bit different, there's a place halfway on the road between Totowa and Wayne (it's been many years since I lived in the area, so names escape me-- sorry), that has a rustic lodge feel to it and serves halfway decent burgers. Also on Rt. 46 East right next to the Willowbrook Mall is a small but excellent Indian restaurant (Jyoti, although you've said you're not interested in Asian-- so scratch that).

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          M & E Caruso has been open for less than a may have eaten at Amore or Nicola's. Amore moved over to Ratzer Road in Wayne and M & E moved into the former Amore location.

          The best Italian in the area though, is LuNello...but it's not casual and not was originally on Union Boulevard, but moved about 4-5 years ago to Cedar Grove.

      2. Honestly, I'd suggest you go 'inland' a little bit from Rt 46 and choose one of the many excellent offerings in Montclair!

        That said, I'll add +1 for M&E, although it's been many years since I've been there. The only other place I can come up with is Bivio in Little Falls--very small and casual and BYO, but v good Neopolitan pizza.

        1. we are going to Caruso's. will let you know what we think! thanks!