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Aug 24, 2012 06:59 AM

Venice, Sorrento,Capri,Amalfi, Agrigento, Siracusa,Taromina ,Caltagirone Trip Mid Sept-Mid Oct

Restaurant recommendations and other foods not to miss please

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  1. We had a wonderful dinner at Lido Azzuro in Amalfi. But you really need to do a search of the board for the cities you listed.

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      Coria in Caltigirone and La Media in Licata outside of Agrigento were two of our most memorable meals in Sicily. We loved Trattoria dona rosa and osteria de mariano in siracusa.

    2. In Siracusa, I too had a wonderful meal at Osteria da Mariano
      . And two wonderful lunches at La Cantinaccia

      In Agrigento, I enjoyed a beautiful lunch after visiting the Valle dei Templi at Trattoria dei Templi, via Panoramico dei Templi (as it was on the main drag overlooking the "valley", I was a bit hesitant but it was recommended and it was lovely, food and service).

      1. Da Gigino in Sorrento. Went two times....un-fussy, good Italian food. Pizza's are more than decent and everything is reasonably priced. Located in the very centre of town, it's nice to sit outside if you get a chance. Expect a travelling band to wander by, entertain you for 10 minutes and ask for tips... ;) Enjoy a gelato and a stroll down the main street after dinner.