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Aug 24, 2012 06:38 AM

Blue Dog Poboys - Clearwater

I heard from a few other boards that this place had recently opened up so I thought I would give it a try. I met my sister and her husband there yesterday for lunch. I ordered a shrimp poboy along with a side order of regular fries. My sister had the same but with sweet potato fries and my BIL had a half and half which was half shrimp and half oyster poboy. We were all extremely pleased with choices. The bread was good quality and the inside was toasted with some garlic butter and then dressed with lettuce and excellent tomatoes. The owner brought out a bottle of a mayonnaise mixture that was very good on my shrimp. And the sweet potato fries had a very good cinnamon sugar mixture on them.

While we were there, we also tried an order of their bread pudding which was very good.

We will definitely be back. Especially because I want to try their roast beef poboy.

Here is their website:

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  1. BTW, thanks Little T for the recommendation on this!

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    1. re: RibDog

      No problem, glad I could share.

      Next up is the new soul food restaurant in west clearwater on Ft. Harrison. Anyone been? It looks promising...

      1. re: Little T.

        Don't think so but what is the name?

        1. re: RibDog

          I'll have to get back to ya' on that one.

          1. re: Little T.

            It's called Joseph's Cup.

            Chicken Gizzards, liver, okra, oxtails, chitlins, black eye peas, pork chop etc.

            Found their menu on -

            I'll check it out :)

    2. I mentioned this place to my Father and he is very interested in trying it. He hasn't been able to spot it and doesn't "do computers". (sigh)

      Looking at the map it looks like Blue Dog is in the old Pizza Inn location. Is that correct? If I can give him a few visual references it will help him navigate better!


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      1. re: meatn3

        No, it is a strip center just south of the old Pizza Inn. There is a Hertz location in the center along with one of those mattress places along with other sundry places. Larry's Big & Tall used to be in the center as well as Men's Wearhouse.

        1. re: RibDog

          Thank you - I know exactly where that is! He will be a happy camper having something like this in the northern part of the county.

      2. I just have to say . . . I've been back a few times and always excellent.

        My last visit, I had the Cajun Cuban. Ohhh man, this thing is great - HUGE and cheap. I get it fully dressed and I don't care. Quite possibly one of the best sandwiches in the bay area. All the meats and ingredients are super fresh and tasty especially the roasted/pulled pork...

        1. Thanks for the rec. It's pretty close to home and work

          1. Any reports on the muffaletta? It looks like they are using the right bread for it.

            I'm visiting around Thanksgiving and hoping to work in a meal or three from Blue Dog!