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Aug 24, 2012 05:43 AM

Most cookbooks/food blogs are intellectually bankrupt and written for babies.

Am I alone in thinking things like pioneer woman are insulting?

It is designed like a kid's book. One picture for every sentence is for the Bernstein Bears, not adults.

Once the heavy weight writers flop over dead (Paula Wolfert, if you read this take it easy on the duck fat) am I going to be left with this kiddie crap?

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  1. Perhaps you're not the target audience. What's "insulting" to you may be instructive to others. Why spit into the wind here?

    1. If you're looking for content that's focused on the writing, you're probably barking up the wrong tree. Food blogs for the most part have long been a a mixed medium - and a personal one at that - where the author can indulge their own enjoyment of food, words, and images, in the style and ratios they see fit.

      Maybe you should stick with books. ( ? )

      1. If you feel insulted it's because you choose to. Nothing compels you to read cookbooks or blogs you consider too basic for you, any more than to read the Berenstain (sic) Bears.

        1. I don't think (using PW's blog as an example) it's insulting. I enjoy the photography and the occasionally amusing narrative.

          Definitely not to be compared with the classics like Marcella Hazan, Julia Child, etc.
          PW's blog and recipes are lightweight and entertaining.

          After all, it's a blog we're talking about, right? To me, a blog is reflective of the author's personality, talents, quirks, interests....

          1. With respect to PW's blog, I can relate to not liking all the photos that accompany recipes. I find it tedious to have to scroll past every. single. step. It's like, where's the damn recipe already!
            I think her photos are amazing, but the pouring of the batter, the swirling of the batter, the batter clinging to the paddle mixer yada yada.
            I don't like site that place large minutiae photos and don't patronize them. It's just too eyeball-rolling for me.

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            1. re: monavano

              I thought the same thing. I went to PW look at the onion ring recipe after seeing it mentioned elsewhere. Saw a boatload of gratuitous pictures, said 'not the site for me' and moved on with my life.

              I really think it would take a huge sense of entitlement for any reader to feel insulted by the existence of a site that isn't their taste. To each their own, right?