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Aug 23, 2012 10:26 PM

NJ Tomatoes

I've tried growing tomatoes again this year and they developed blossom-end rot. The tomatoes even at Wegmans don't look that great.

Any suggestions on a store or farmer's market that has great tomatoes?

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  1. Depeneds where you are in the state .. but I got some great ones at Melick's in Bridgewater/North Branch.

      1. My home garden was a late bloomer this year but finally we are harvesting nice tomatoes. Obviously as the other two posters have pointed out knowing what area you are in helps determine what is close to you but for Monmouth County, Delicous Orchards on Rt. 34 in Colts Neck is the place to go for both fruits and vegitables.

        1. I would recommend Battleview Orchards on Wemrock rd. in Freehold. Not only do they have amazing tomatoes, but the corn,peaches and nectarines are fantastic as well.

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            While I agree with you that the tomatoes (lowest prices in the area) and corn (the white is unbelievably sweet) at Battleview Orchards are excellent, I totally disagree with you about the peaches. They are always like the proverbial Rocks of Gibralter, have absolutely no aroma, and never ripen properly.

            The Clayton Family Farm, on 537, in Freehold, has some luscious heirlooms though, sadly, not as bountiful as last year. Their regular tomatoes are also delicious.


            1. re: RGR

              I will Definately give Clayton farm a try. Try the Farm on Gully rd for heirloom tomatoes. Last summer they were pretty good.

            Try not to miss out on the Rutgers annual tomato tasting!